Sunday, October 16, 2011

oh, libbi....

I feel like we say, "Oh, Libbi!" quite a bit these days. She is so funny and says and does things all the time that make us laugh. Most of the time I don't even know where she comes up with half of it (which is kind of scary) but she is a mess, that's for sure!
Here are a few of my favorite Libbi stories/sayings as of late:

She made a firefighter hat a school. She wore it the entire way home (upside down) and insisted that she needed her "eyes" to go with it. Who am I to argue when she wants to accessorize???
She has recently become obsessed with the movie, "Monsters, Inc."   It just so happened to be on the Disney Channel one morning and J recorded it. We have watched it no less than 500 times since then. I found a set of old board books that someone had given us that feature the main characters from the movie.  She loves to go through the books and name each character, "Mike....Sully....Randall...and Peek-a-Boo!" (that's what Libbi calls "Boo")
Every day she requests to watch the "Monster Moo-bee" and she must know where her "monster books" are at all times.
My parents had a life-sized, stuffed Sully in my sister's old closet at their house. (I have no idea why?!?!)  I asked my dad to bring it over for Libbi. We weren't sure if she would like it or if it would scare her.  My dad put it out on the front porch and then rang the doorbell.  When she saw it, she immediately clammed up. She said she didn't want Sully in our house, she wanted him to go see Mike - ha! She kept saying, "Go see Mike!"

The other day I put her down for a nap and I told her I was going to take a shower while she was napping. She then proceeded to say, "take a shower. you stink, Momma!" niiiice.

When we went to the hospital for Laney's surgery, they let Libbi pick out a toy for Laney. I guess they usually let the patients choose toys, but since Laney was so little, they let Libbi do it for her. She chose a set of plastic keys and proudly presented them to Laney. She then promptly reclaimed them as her own. I have no idea why, but she is so attached to those keys. Y'all, they are a teething toy! She carries them everywhere with her. She sleeps with them, she takes them in the car, she cried when I wouldn't let her take them into school. Bless her heart, she tried her hardest to use them to crank up the "Car" buggy at the store the other day. She goes around the house saying she's "locking up" and pretends to lock all the doors. Laney has yet to play with those keys.
Another item she's been attached to lately is a baby doll that her great granny sent her in the mail. I don't know if it's because she got to open the box and found the baby in there or if it's because it was a surprise present from Granny B, but that baby has been her siamese twin for weeks now! She has to have her baby and her keys with her no matter where she is going or what she is doing. The baby says a little prayer when you press on it's stomach.  The first few nights she slept with it, I think they were having church in her crib, because we kept hearing the baby "praying" over the monitor.
If that baby is out of her line of sight, she yells, "mah Baaaay-beeee" in the most southern drawl you've ever heard.  She is a sight carrying around a baby doll, a set of keys, and four monster books. When it's time to go somewhere, she'll say "I got allllll my stuff! my stuff heavy! i got alllllll my stuff!" and she is SO proud of her "stuff." :)
She's very concerned with "Lay-Lay's boo-boo" and wants to check it constantly. It was so sweet, because the morning after Laney's headwrap came off (early, since she ripped it off in her sleep!) Libbi saw her and said, "Jesus made Lay-Lay's boo-boo ALLLL BETTER!!!" and she was so excited! Bless her. 

She's a mess, but she has the sweetest heart.
We just love our sweet, funny, crazy little girl!

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