Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Half Birthday!!

Precious Laney James, six months ago today you came into our lives and our family of three became a family of four.
We never knew what we were missing, until we had you! :)
You are just the sweetest thing and we love you to pieces!  It is so much fun to see you start to develop your own little personality. I just went back and read Libbi's six month post and it was neat to see the differences and similarities between the two of you.  It did make me a little sad, though, because I seriously feel like Libbi was JUST turning six months old and now here we are celebrating your half birthday....time goes by way too fast!  I need my babies to slooooow down!! :)
You are currently wearing a size three diaper and mostly 9-12 month clothes. You go for your official 6 month well visit next week, but I estimate that you weigh a little over 20lbs. (which is only 7 pounds less than your big sister - ha!) You have more rolls than a shar-pei and we couldn't love them any more!
Libbi still calls you "Lay-Lay" and so do we. We also like to call you "Laney Girl" and "Precious" :)  I think I like hearing Libbi call you "Precious" just as much as I like hearing her call you, "Lay-Lay."  She definitely loves you, sometimes a little too much, but she means well. :)  Every time we go to pick her up from school she always says, "I LOVE Lay-Lay soooooo much!" and "Lay-Lay miss me sooooo much!" ;-)
And if your cover is raised on your car seat to block the sun out of your face, Libbi gets upset.  She will yell from the backseat, "I CAN'T SEE LAY-LAY! MOMMA...HELP ME SEE LAY-LAY!"
This past month you have become VERY aware of all your surroundings.  You are constantly watching what's going on around you.  It's made nursing difficult and getting you to sleep a little bit trickier. In order for you to concentrate on the task at hand, it has to be dark and quiet - otherwise you are completely distracted. It's safe to say that we have our fair share of "distractions" with Libbi running around all day. :)
I love watching your little wheels turn as you figure out the world around you.
You still will not take a bottle (any and all suggestions are welcomed!) so I still can't be away for more than a few hours at a time. You don't take a paci (and neither does your sister anymore - woohoo!) and you now have cut two teeth completely and have two more coming through.
You have decided that you really like standing up. You are so strong and are able to bear weight on your legs for good lengths of time. You love for us to raise you up into the standing position - I think it's because you have a better view of all that's going on around you.  You have started sitting up unassisted. You can sit on your own for around 10 minutes or so and then you get tired and just gradually start to sink. You roll from your belly to your back all the time and have rolled from back to belly a few times.
You like to sleep on your belly, which makes me a nervous wreck, but you really do sleep so much better that way. You've been a belly sleeper for a few months now. Your sleeping is still sporadic. You got on a pretty good kick of sleeping through the night, but then you got croup :( and then you got two teeth - neither of which seem very conducive to a good night's sleep (for you or for me!)
You have been waking up reallllly early since the time has changed, like 5:30am early.
The past four (yes, FOUR!) mornings you have had a complete blowout at 4:30am and I've had to get up and change you. By the time your diaper and clothes have been changed, you're usually wide awake. You'll lie in your bed and kick and "talk" for a while. As long as no one looks at you (ha!) you're usually pretty content. But, if you see even the shadow of me or your's all over with. You refuse to lie down when there are two able bodies nearby that can hold you. :)
Libbi was always a big "talker" and would babble all day long, you on the other hand, have your talkative times of day. There are certain times (usually early morning and early afternoon) when you are a chatterbox, but then the rest of the times, you're just taking it all in. You do laugh A LOT - which we love! And you've recently started making a "mad" noise where you clench your fists, clench your teeth, and grunt. I tried to catch it on video, and was somewhat successful.
{this is your "mad face!"}
Laney James, we just love you so much! I cannot believe that you have been a part of our family for SIX months!! I have loved watching you grow and change each day and I am so excited for all of the new things you are learning. You are the sweetest, cutest, chubbiest, most precious six month old I know! We love you Precious Lay-Lay Girl!! :)

And....since I haven't put enough pictures in this post (haha!)
tomorrow I'll have a little "comparison" post with pics from the last six months and from Libbi's first six months. :)

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