Friday, February 24, 2012

the perfect date...

Poor Jeffrey, he's been busy dating two girls at once. Bless his heart, I know I'm a handful all on my own, but to add another girl - whew! that's a lot of listening, complimenting, door-opening, and chivalry to keep up with - but so far he's done a pretty stand up job. :)
And I hope he's prepared, because I have a feeling it's only going to get more complicated. I hear there will probably be a third girl added to the mix before too long.
Honestly, I'm not the least bit jealous that he's dating someone else. In fact, I encourage it. :)
I even go so far as to help her get ready for their dates. It's the least I could do.

It took an entire glam squad to get her to recover from this visit from the hair fairy.
But, I worked my magic and soon she was ready to go to the aquarium with her prince charming.
She's incredibly comfortable around him. So comfortable, that she sometimes forgets to use her best manners and ladylike behaviors. He still loves her, though.

Believe it or not, they've been dating for over a year now! To celebrate their one year anniversary, they went back to the same place they had their first date.  Like I said before, I'm not the jealous type, but seeing him take her to chick-fil-a did sting just a little.
I don't mind that he brings her flowers...

takes her for pizza...

and i don't mind too terribly much that he takes her for ice cream...

It doesn't even bother me that she kisses him goodnight. I guess you could say I'm pretty understanding.
Truth be told, I pray that they'll continue to date. I pray that she'll know how much she's loved and how special she is because of their relationship. And I pray that when the day comes (many, many, MANY years from now) for her to "date" someone else, she'll know that she deserves nothing but the best. Even though (in my opinion) there really is no better date than a date with her Daddy.

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