Wednesday, May 9, 2012


i took libbi for her first dentist appointment today. i am pleased (and a little shocked) to say that it went extremely well!! 
{they had a sign up front welcoming the patients for the day!}

when i called to make her appointment a couple of weeks ago, the receptionist asked if i "had any concerns?" and i believe i told her that my only concern was the way my child would behave during her appointment :) 

i have to admit that i have a *slight* phobia of the dentist. i may or may not request the laughing gas just for a basic cleaning. it's awful y'all. the last time i went to the dentist, he told me that i may want to consider medication before my appointments. he went on to say that he didn't want to offend me, but that my anxiety about my visits might just be all in my head. (ya think?!) and to be honest, i wasn't offended in the least. in fact, i completely agreed with him. 

despite my personal feelings towards dental appointments, i was bound and determined not to let this rub off on libbi. we've been talking up the dentist for weeks now. how fun it would be, how she'd get a prize, he'd clean her teeth. even the fact that her friends davis and amelia go to the same dentist was a big selling point for her! this morning when she woke up, she told me that she would "prolly cry there at the dentist."

oh boy.

add in the fact that i changed laney's diaper five times in the span of 15 minutes, libbi refused to potty before we left the house, and then she had a full out meltdown because she couldn't get her shoes on. 
oh, and it was pouring down rain. 
things were not looking good.

(i also may or may not have gotten lost and had to call the dentist's office three different times. they assured me that happens to a lot of people, but i'm pretty sure they were just being nice and probably wrote "her mom is an idiot" somewhere on libbi's file.)

once we finally made it to the office (on time - woohoo!) things started to turn around quickly. there were SO many toys to play with in the waiting room that libbi was sure she'd died and gone to heaven. she sat right down at the gaming station like she was born to play. you'd be shocked to know that she's never touched one of those things in her life - haha! ;-) 

(side note: thanks to the little boy that was familiar with the wii.... "oh heck yeah!"  has now been added to our list of words we do not say. - yikes!)

libbi was having a great time and i was playing with laney when i heard the hygienist ask, "libbi are you ready?" and i just about fell out when she jumped up and said, "yes!" 
well, okay then. 

she sat right down in the exam chair and had xrays of her teeth made. it was small medical miracle, for sure. 
once it was time for the "cleaning" portion of her appointment, she was a little hesistant to let dr. chris check her teeth out. he was amazing and helped her feel more comfortable and before i knew it, she was wearing latex gloves and had her own mirror checking out clifford's teeth.  y'all, they had TWO flat screens in every room. one on the wall and once hanging from the ceiling so you could watch while lying down. seriously, if i could watch real housewives while having my teeth cleaned, surely that would make my appointments a little more pleasant. all i'm saying is if my dentist office looked like this, i may not need to be medicated.
once her appointment was over, she got to pick a treasure (a dinosaur stamp) pick out a flavor of toothpaste (she got chocolate...gag) and a choose a new toothbrush (purple with polkadots). she was a happy girl. laylay got a ballon and an appointment set up for november. i'm thinking she may take after her momma, though....she kept her mouth shut tight and pretended to be asleep. she wasn't letting anyone near her chompers! ;-)

overall our first dentist experience was wonderful. libbi's teeth look great. she has a little bit of a crossbite, but nothing too major and we're hoping it will correct itself. if not, we'll look at our options when she's around 5/6 years old. otherwise her teeth are perfect!   i am so proud of my big girl! 

she's pretty proud of her pearly whites, too! 

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