Friday, August 24, 2012

flashback friday...

it's crazy how much can change in just a year....
august 2011 vs. august 2012 (playground edition):

august 2011 -we got to watch this sweet baby run around.... VS.
august 2012 - there's a new baby in town!

august 2011 - big sister on the slide...VS.
august 2012 - little sister can slide, too!

august 2011 - sliding all by her lonesome...VS.
august 2012 - a new partner in crime! 

august 2011 - a little timid on the turns...VS.
august 2012 - MUCH braver (and a cameo by little sister)

august 2011 - laylay took it all in from her seat VS.
(and i know her "chest strap" is not where it should be, but she was just hanging out at the park...not in the car or on the move)
august 2012 - taking it all in from her swing (and still making that SAME face - ha!)

august 2011 - a solo ride on the tire swing...VS.
august 2012 - a sister to swing with!

now, don't they look like they're just having THE BEST time! ;-)

Happy Friday!!

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