Tuesday, August 21, 2012


i can't believe it's only tuesday! i didn't have much to post tonight, but wanted to share a few pictures and stories for memory's sake. 

yesterday morning libbi came into the bathroom holding my tweezers. she looked at me so seriously and said, "momma...i can't wait til i'm big and i can pinch myself like you."
haha...we have lofty goals around here ;)

on monday mornings, libbi goes to a "sports camp" where they learn new skills every three weeks. they've covered football, basketball, baseball, and now they're on the last week of soccer. it's held at a local church and she LOVES it! once laney figured out that there is a playroom there (and that it's NOT a nursery and that i'm NOT leaving) she decided that she loves sports camp, too. :)

since all of the other "brothers and sisters" of the campers have started back to school, laney had the playroom all to herself yesterday. she was in heaven! 

she played a few rounds of "peek-a-boo" and then decided she would switch things up. next thing i know, she's getting fresh with elmo in the puppet center. LANEY!

she was totally busted. :)

libbi is always so proud of her new skills and proudly shows off her sticker (on her forehead). love that silly girl. 

this morning we headed out to the park. i am SO thankful it's not 10000 degrees here anymore and we can actually go outside without melting or having a heat stroke. 

the girls had a great time playing at the park. 
(side note: this is libbi's most favorite outfit. she BEGS to wear it every day. some days i just have to give in. so it usually makes an appearance at least twice a week). :)

y'all laney is crazy. there is no other way to describe her. she is 100% wild. she has no fear and will climb, jump, crawl, and pull up on anything and everything. it scares me to death. she is currently sporting a bruise/scratch on her cheek (fell down on the hardwoods while running), a bruise/goose-egg on her head (climbed and "jumped" off a chair), another bruise/knot on her head (tried to climb over the babygate) and scratches on her arm (fell on the woodchips at the park). she has no fear. which gives me great fear. :)
she thinks she can do everything libbi can do. and she definitely tries!

libbi loved throwing the rocks in the lake. she took it very seriously. 

and finally, when we were getting ready to leave the park we saw two rather large dogs. the had really fluffy brown/black fur. libbi turned around and saw them and immediately said, "AH!!! LIONS!!!" obviously we are not dog lovers in our home - ha! 
bless her heart, she really thought they were lions! :) 

love, love, love these sweet sisters!!!

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