Sunday, September 16, 2012

back to life...back to reality...

back to life....back to ree-al-i-tee....
are you singing along, yet? :-)
hahaha...LOVE this girl and LOVE those rolls! if only we could all be so comfortable in our own skin, huh? ;-)
we're back from our family vacation! we had SUCH a wonderful time!! we'll miss the "frog beach" (as libbi affectionately calls it), but we are so incredibly thankful to be sleeping in our own beds. i think laney might be the most thankful of us all.... sister was NOT a fan of her bed pack'n'play.
now i just need a vacation to recover from our vacation. ;-)
i'll post a few more pics from our week at fripp soon, but for tonight.... just a few quick updates and random thoughts. 

our church is doing a series of messages titled "at the movies." it's a way of finding faith in classic and popular films (if you're interested, you can watch online HERE). today's message was based off the movie "Up." i've never seen it, word! did y'all know that is like the saddest movie ever?! we just watched bits and pieces of it, but i swear i cried at least 5 times. i think jeffrey was a little concerned.... oh, who am i kidding - he's used to it. i'm totally an emotional crier. it doesn't really matter which emotion i'm feeling, there are usually tears with it. i cry when i'm sad, happy, mad, tired, stressed, etc, etc, etc. 
on one of our first dates, jeffrey and i went to see the movie, phenomenon. i was sandwiched between jeffrey and an older lady in a packed movie theater. let's just say that poor 16 year old jeffrey had NO clue that i was such a fragile little soul. and neither did the unsuspecting lady on my other side. although in between my muffled sobs, she did offer me tissues and ask if i was going to be okay. then about the time i started gasping for breath, jeffrey asked me if i needed him to take me home - ha! little did he know, that was only the beginning. ;-)
but like i said, i'm an emotional crier. and despite the fact that this makes me sound like a basket-case, i'm (usually) not.

remember when i posted about goat & lulu? well, amanda is now making these adorable chevron dresses! they're not in her shop, yet - but you can check out her facebook page for all the details on how to order them. PRECIOUS!!

this week will be libbi's first full week of school (she's going monday, wednesday, friday's). it would have been last week, but we were out of town. she eats her lunch at school each day and i love putting little "lunch box notes" in her lunchbox for her to find. she likes to hang onto them and then "read" them to me later that afternoon. apparently she thinks I have quite the imagination based on what she tells me these notes say - ha!
i just found some cute (free) images on google and then made my own little notes. if you'd like copies of them, leave me a comment or email me at:
mrsamytippins {at} gmail {dot} com and i'll send them your way! 
(i have them with either four or nine to a page)

and that's all for tonight, friends because unpacking, laundry, and bedtime! are calling my name.
hope y'all had a great weekend :) 
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