Saturday, September 1, 2012

memories of firsts....

we took the girls to stone mountain for the first time today. jeffrey and i have been many, many times throughout our lives. in fact, one of our first dates was to the laser show at stone mountain almost 15 years ago! libbi has been to stone mountain a few times before, but this was the first time we have taken her and it was laney's first time ever!

the first thing we did when we arrived was..... take a potty break - ha!
priorities, people. :)

next stop was the wide open field so our girls could run to their little hearts' content.

libbi was the first one down the hill. she'd stop running when we yelled "freeze!" or "Stop!" (but usually not the first time) ;)

laney wanted to run down the hill, but she was a little more off balance than libbi. however, laney thought it was hilarious! she laughed the entire time she bumbled and fumbled down that hill.

the first thing libbi did when she reached the bottom was pose on the rocks. 
the first thing laney did was try to escape. (we have to watch out for that one!)

libbi also found her a walking stick and announced that "buddy says you have to walk with a stick like this!" which reminds me of our first rule of thumb...libbi never forgets anything. :)

after we ran around for a while, we headed over to the skylift. i will be the first to admit that i was INCREDIBLY anxious about this. in case you didn't know, i'm not exactly a "risk taker" and i tend to err on the side of caution (and slightly neurotic). so the skylift was definitely not first on my list of things to do. but, i took one for the team and we loaded up in that little boxcar and started the ride up the mountain. 

libbi and laney enjoyed their first ride up the mountain. at least i think they did...i wasn't looking around too much. :)

once we made it to the top, the girls had a great time walking around and exploring. although this was their first time to be atop the mountain, they acted like seasoned pro's. 
that is, if professional mountain climbers eat cheeze-its and drink juice boxes while resting... and consider jumping in every puddle around. 

laney was determined to navigate her way around without any assistance. she is first and foremost an independent woman. (although a "park police officer" she is not...thanks for the sticker, libs) ;-)

we considered it a success that we weren't the first ones off the mountain, but we definitely weren't close to the last. our first priority was to make sure our girls had a great time and enjoyed the day - and they did! i'm pretty sure that libbi may have been one of the first people to yell "wheeeeeee" during the skylift's descent down the mountain. 

once we were all back in the car and on our way home, our first priority became to avoid the dreaded car nap. mission accomplished!

happy september first, friends!

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