Tuesday, September 11, 2012

very, very sneaky...

it's fun to see how our girls can be similar in some ways, yet so different in others. 
and sometimes, it's downright scary - ha! we only THOUGHT libbi was an independent, strong minded, little thing....and then we had laney. 

sister has some opinions. whew!

laney loves to imitate libbi, but she also likes to irritate libbi - ha! (isn't that what sisters are for??) ;-)

as soon as she sees libbi involved in something, laney loves nothing more than to wedge herself right in the middle of it. she's not exactly light on her feet (we think of her as our own little tarzan - complete with the beating of her chest "ME. LANEY. YOU. LIBBI!)
and nothing makes libbi freak out faster than someone all up in her space. 

while we're at the beach this week and in  closer quarters than usual, laney has enjoyed making her presence known. 

like when libbi and buddy were working on a puzzle....

laney's radar went up and she immediately poked her head out to see who was daring to play without including her. 

sure enough....she made her way over and the puzzle duo soon turned to a (reluctant) trio.

another sneaky little laney maneuver is to swipe libbi's cup. it does not matter if they have the SAME style cup at the SAME time with the SAME drink inside of it.... laney will want libbi's every time. and as soon as libbi leaves hers unattended, laney scoops it up and carries it off to her own little hiding place to chug it in peace. 
poor libbi has taken to climbing up on the chair to leave her cup on the mantle so laney can't get it. poor girl! 

libbi is not even safe on the beach. while she's busy building sand castles, laney is scheming up ways to destroy them. 
tarzan rules the sand (at least SHE thinks she does!) 

but that's one of the great things about sisters....no matter how sneaky they can be (i'm looking at you, Missie Johnson!) they're still fun to play with ;-)

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