Friday, October 5, 2012

31 days... day 5

when i committed to 31 days of blogging, i told y'all that some days may be more "intense" than others. consider this one of the "fluff" days ;-)

so let the random bullets begin...

* we met some sweet friends at the mall the other day. it was fun to see all the babies together. we tried to get a group picture...
....but libbi preferred the gumballs. :)

*as we were walking out of the mall, libbi stopped and said, "Oh! momma...i really, really wish you could have this dress. it's beautiful." and "This one has a neck-uh-lace on it!!! can we get it?!" 
seriously?! who lines the pathway to the door with these things?! 
and believe me when i say, we did not purchase any of those "dresses" ;-)

*although, we did buy some skinny jeans. i can honestly say that i never in a million years thought my smocked lovin' heart would care for skinny jeans. but i stand corrected. she looks so cute in them - the sassiness is out of control! 
{libbi just wouldn't be libbi without all of her "poses"} ;-)

*last weekend we had brunch at my parents' house. i think it's safe to say buddy and mimzy never disappoint. :) 
{yes, that is libbi in a laundry basket...}
*the girls stayed at buddy and mimzy's house while jeffrey and i went to the georgia game. it was SO much fun and we had the best time. hopefully we'll go to another one soon (*hint*hint*)

*i found these cute shirts for the girls. laney's says, "I am 1" and libbi's says, "I am 3."  libbi wasn't too pleased with her shirt. she really wanted me to find her one that said  "I'm almost 4." 
even if they made such a thing, i'm pretty sure i wouldn't buy it since i want to live in denial. (for the record she is NOT "almost" 4. she's not even 3 and a half).
{more poses...and sneaky little sister climbing on the table}

*i'm so excited that it's almost time for our newest niece, mattie, to be here!! i'm sure you're all shocked to hear that i LOVE babies! 
*i busted out my silhouette today to make a few shirts for a very special event tomorrow! our entire family is taking part in the 2012 walk to end alzheimer's! we are excited to participate as a family and to honor my grandad whom we lost this past june. 
if you would like to donate to our team (walking for wallace), click HERE

*finally....have you ever seen two cuter skeletons?! i sure haven't! 
i just love these two boney block builders. ;)

happy weekend!!
"the Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart tursts in Him, and i am helped. my heart leaps for joy and i will give thanks to Him in song."
psalm 28:7

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