Wednesday, December 12, 2012

no sew christmas bunting...

i'm linking up (a day late...oops) with my friend sarah for "the proof is in the pin"
basically, it's a chance to actually try all of those things that i pin.... or at least one. ;-)

this week, i decided our playroom needed a little christma-fying so i set out to accomplish one of the cute buntings that i've seen on pinterest. i searched for "no-sew bunting" but most of them included bias tape, stitching, or some sort of heat and bond. all of that is well and good, but seeing as how we've been quarantined with the sickies, i needed to use what (limited) supplies i had on hand. 
i had pinned this post and this post  but i knew i needed to tweak it just a little to fit my supplies and my skillz. ;)

so, using those pins as inspiration, here is my version of the pinterest no-sew burlap bunting:
 i just folded a piece of construction paper into the shape i wanted and used chalk to trace it onto the burlap. 
 apparently, i'm not trusted to work alone...

 notice the "man" is totally disinterested in our crafting. typical. :) 

 make sure not to cut along the fold, so you end up with a shape that you can "open"

i used my silhouette to cut out the letters, but you could trace them, print them, anything! the freezer paper is awesome, because when you iron it down, it adheres to the burlap so you can literally paint right on top of it without worrying about your template shifting and moving. 
 just make sure to stay on top of the freezer paper! 

 peel away the freezer paper and make any touch-ups necessary. 

 i just laid out the letters in the order i wanted then opened them all up. i put a line of hot glue down the "seam" in the middle and laid the yarn on top of it, folded it over, and sealed it up! some of the posts i pinned used twine, ribbon, even lace, but like i said - i just had to use what i had on hand, so yarn it was! 

a few things i would add/change.... if i made another one, i would definitely add a backing of some sort-either colored cardstock or even felt - but only if i was going to hang it in front of a window. when the sun shines through, the burlap can be sort of transparent and it's not as bold as i would like it to be. if it were hanging on a wall or any other surface not in contact with direct sunlight, i don't think it would be as noticeable. 
 i happened to have some burlap ribbon in my craft closet (or "crap closet" - whichever you prefer) so i made a few bows to attach to the end. everything looks better with bows, right? :) 
and judging from the wonky lighting in most of these pictures, i now need to begin pinning all of those "how to use your camera" pins. maybe that will be my project for next month's link up :)

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