Monday, March 18, 2013

easter crafts and activities...

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some of y'all know that before having babies,  i used to be a kindergarten teacher. i graduated from the university of georgia with a degree in early childhood education. while i may not be in an actual classroom every day teaching 20 five and six year olds anymore, i'm still surrounded with plenty of opportunities to put my teaching degree to good use. i'm with my two favorite "students" all day long and believe it or not they are actually pretty receptive to my teaching. especially if there is glue or markers involved. and if i throw in some candy? they are star students - ha! :) 

i don't know if it's the "teacher" in me or just some sort of corny mom gene, but i love a good themed activity or craft. it's really a win:win, because my girls love crafting and creating, too. most of the time they don't even realize that they are working on actual skills, not just cutting/pasting/tasting/spilling. ;-)

i'm so excited for my next few posts, because i'll be sharing some of our favorite easter and spring activities. most of them are very cost effective (aka cheap or even free!) and involve items you more than likely have around your home or (free!) printables that i will be happy to share. these activities are easter and spring related, geared towards toddlers and preschoolers, but can be modified for younger children or extended for older children. i'm sure you've probably seen many of these crafts around the interwebs or may have even completed some of them with your children before. i'm not claiming that these are original ideas, just some tried and true activities my girls and i love that provide fun and serve a learning purpose at the same time. 

with each activity, i'll share the materials needed, the project goal, and the developmental elements involved. please feel free to share these activities with friends, just remember that they are for personal use only. you can email me any time if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. and a little heads up, if you do not have children, hate bunnies and chicks, or can't stand "themes" - then you'll probably want to skip the next few posts. 

but if you're interested in having fun with your children and helping them learn important skills at the same time, then please join me!
the first post featuring activities and (printables!) will be up tomorrow morning. make sure to come back and join me. in addition, i'll be linking all of the individual posts at the bottom of this one, so you can easily find them all in one place. 

CLICK HERE for DAY ONE: dot-to-dot bunny, scrap paper egg, and hunting for letters...

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hope to "see you" back here tomorrow! 

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