Monday, March 11, 2013

future stylist...

libbi is VERY into clothes these days. she loves to choose her own outfits and accessories. her first choice is always, always a dress. and so are her second, and third, and fourth choices. trying to get her to wear pants is like dying a slow death - for me; not her. she wants to wear "a boo-tiful dress" and maybe it's my fault (ok, it's totally my fault) that she's had so many "themed" smocked dresses over the years because she now thinks she needs one for every occasion. any time she has a special day at school, she will ask me to find her a dress to go with it. sometimes she even plans for events that might happen, so she can be prepared....just in case. her current favorite (made-up) occasion is "Rainbow Day." she asks me at least once a day to find her a rainbow dress so she can wear it when they have rainbow day at school. for the record, i have not found a rainbow dress, nor are they having rainbow day at school.

the other day when she was getting ready for school she told me that her teacher had left a note in her folder. i didn't remember seeing a note in her folder the night before when we were packing her school bag, but i had a sudden fear that maybe i had missed a note. what if she had misbehaved at school and i'd overlooked the disciplinary note that was sent home?! i nervously asked her if she knew what the note was about and she replied, "yes. miss K wrote a note that said, 'please make sure libbi wears a beautiful dress to school tomorrow.'"
nice try libs. but miss K did NOT write a note requesting she wear a beautiful dress. in fact, she didn't write a note at all (whew!) ;-)

for the past few weeks libbi has been laying out her own clothes. she will tell me that she's picked out her outfit for "tomorrow" and for "the next tomorrow." 
unfortunately, she tends to pick rest time as the optimal time for putting together outfits. she takes great pride in laying them out exactly as the should be - from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. here are a few of her recent creations:

you may notice that she adds in socks, undergarments, and even a bow. she is nothing if not thorough. 

the other day she was SUPPOSED to be resting and i was downstairs folding laundry. when i took the laundry upstairs to my room, i was shocked to find that my little stylist had left a few surprises on my bedroom floor. apparently she had taken it upon herself to not only pick out her outfit for tomorrow, but she had styled some for jeffrey and i, too.

to say she was proud of her work is an understatement. as soon as rest time (aka sorting through piles of clothes time) was over she said, "Momma! i got some-fin SO 'portant to show you." and she proceeded to describe each piece of the outfits that she laid out for me and her daddy.
although, at this point in time half of the pieces were either a)from the dirty clothes hamper or b)from the good will bags since those were the only things she could reach.
i'm actually not even sure who these socks belong to or where they came from...

jeffrey's outfit was made complete with a pair of my old socks and my old sperry's. nice touch. :) 

she found an old headband that she thought would look "just fabulous" in my hair (at least she didn't say it would look bananas, right?-ha!) and she picked jeffrey out an airplane shirt since "he might be going on an airplane."

we had a long talk about how even though I loved the outfits she had chosen, she really needed to stay in her room during rest time. I reminded her to stay out of our closet and that if there were some pieces of clothing that she wanted to see,  she could ask and i would be happy to get them for her....after rest time. she also apologized for trying on all my clothes and dancing around. i guess she had a guilty conscience - ha! 

jeffrey took libbi to old navy over the weekend and let her pick out an outfit. you would have thought he gave her free reign in a candy store. she was in heaven. she looked at every outfit and dress at least five times. she finally decided on a skirt and shirt, but before she could commit, sure enough - she had to lay it out on the floor right smack in the middle of old navy just to make sure it looked good together. :)

by today, i guess the lesson on staying out of our things had worn off, because she was back to styling outfits during rest time. i came upstairs to find one for myself:
(including a rubber band for my hair and a necklace-ha!)

one for jeffrey:
(notice the boxers under the shorts - haha!)

and an outfit for laney:

never fear, she had quite a few for herself in her room as well. for "tomorrow" and "the next tomorrow" and "the next tomorrow after that." maybe she'll be a future stylist? although, i'm not really sure what kind of "style" she's going for.... toddler chic? mismatched grunge? head to toe patterns? all i know is if she looks in the mirror at her outfit and says, "i die." we're going to have a problem. ;-)

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