Sunday, March 3, 2013

leprechaun hats and a free printable...

first of all, i'm seriously in denial that it's already march (which also means we'll have another baby in just a little over 4 months!!!) second of all, i'm still in disbelief that easter is this month, and thirdly - i can't believe that i'm already thinking of st. patrick's day crafts! 

we made a fun craft last year with little leprechaun hats filled with "gold" (rolos) and the girls and i are planning on attempting it again this year. there is a link to this craft at the bottom of this post. last year i did most of the work myself. okay, all of the work - unless you count taste testing the rolos, then i guess libbi "helped" a little. ;)

this year, i'm going to let both of the girls help me paint, fill the hats, and of course, taste test once again. i used a free printable from my friend sarah on our leprechaun hats last year. you can find the printable on her blog, HERE.

this year, i decided to whip up a printable of my own. this one has a message from libbi on the front, and a bible verse on the back....

but i've made a free {blank} version that you can download by clicking HERE
{front}                                                         {back}
there are 6 on each page. the first page features the "good as gold" phrase and a place to insert your child's name (or yours!) ;-)
and the second page features a bible verse. i printed mine with the "good as gold" on the front and the verse on the back. but i set these up as two separate pages so you can use both pages or just one if you choose. basically, feel free to use these as you wish - just please do not sell them or claim them as your own. 

sarah's download: click HERE

good as gold download: click HERE

leprechaun hat craft: click HERE

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