Wednesday, May 29, 2013


thanks to doc mcstuffins, i can never say the word "check-up" without singing, "time for your check-up, time for your check-up...." 
so annoying. and i apologize if you're now singing it too. :) 

laney had her two year old checkup last week and i am thrilled to report that she is a healthy, growing girl! i'm even more thrilled to report that she did not scream the entire appointment! maybe she's starting to mellow out in her "old age"....ha! not quite. she still loses her mind at least 5000 times a day. but we love her anyway ;-)

laylay weighed in at 27lbs 8oz (50-75%) and she is 34 1/8 inches tall (50-75%). she's our perfectly proportional girl! she's right on track developmentally and we couldn't be happier. 

her language and vocabulary skills have really exploded over the past month or so. she is talking up a storm and is so funny! she has this precious little raspy voice and it just makes me smile every time i hear her talk. she's in that stage where she basically narrates every move she makes (and every one else's, too). "nay-knee shirt on."  "daddy open gate."  "momma get shoes." and her personal favorites, "snack...'ight now!!" and "bibbi in trouble." ha! 

laney LOVES libbi. she adores her and wants to do every thing that libbi does. she constantly mimics her - sometimes to libbi's delight and other times to her dismay. if libbi ever gets hurt (falls, trips, runs into something, etc) laney is right behind her pretending to do the exact same thing and fake crying right along with her. she loves to play with libbi just as much as she loves to antagonize libbi - ha! she knows how to push her sister's buttons and she doesn't hesitate to do so all day every day. but she also knows how to speak libbi's love language. every morning when libbi gets dressed, she walks into laney's room and laney will say, "OHHH...BIBBI!!! SOOOOOO CUTE!" and libbi just beams. she likes to ask laney throughout the day, "how do i look?" and laney will always respond with a hearty, "SOOOOO CUTE!
it's precious. :)  

laylay also loves babies. she's borderline obsessed (hopefully she'll still feel the same way come july!) she carries at least two babies with her at all times. she sleeps with no less than four each night. it doesn't matter where we go, she can spot a baby a mile away. she immediately says, " hi baby!" and will try her best to get to him/her. also, it doesn't matter if the child is 3 weeks old or 3 years old, he/she is still a "baby" as far as laney is concerned. :) 

not only did laney have her two year old well visit this past week, but i also had a check-up of my own! 
and....i was lucky enough(ha!) to be able bring the girls with me. hooray for summer, right?! :) 

actually, they were very well behaved and it wasn't bad at all. it was much more stressful getting everyone up, dressed, fed, showering and getting myself ready, and out the door by 9am. not to mention the fact that my girls seem to have a radar for when i'm waking up early to shower and get ready. i usually either shower at night or just take a quick shower in the morning while they're watching tv in my room (aka...emptying my makeup drawer, hiding in the closet, fighting, opening the shower door, etc). but whenever i wake early to shower and actually get ready - they know. i don't know how, but they just know. laney was up at 5:40am. and libbi was not far behind. they're typically early risers (6:30/45) anyway, but that was pushing it. so in all honesty, once we were at the doctor it was a breeze!

baby girl #3 (who is still without a name....) looks great and is strong and healthy. i'm technically 30 weeks today, but measuring 2 weeks ahead. i measured ahead with both libbi and laney and delivered libbi at 37.5wks and laney at 38. they were both well over 8lbs....close to 9.  so we're pretty sure that this baby will be here on the same time schedule as her sister's. which means that we have about 7/8 weeks to go!  woohoo! 
her sisters were obviously thrilled about this news...

FYI - snacks and stickers at the doctor's office cover a multitude of sins. believe me, i'm pretty sure that's biblical. ha! :) 

we're so thankful for two wonderful check-ups and for our healthy, growing girls! 

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