Tuesday, June 11, 2013


1. sometimes... when i'm wearing my monogrammed necklace, i have this fear that i am like karen from mean girls. i get really worried that it's on backwards and everyone knows it but me. obviously, a very real problem.

2. sometimes... when we're riding in the car i feel like i'm in one of those movies where they make fun of the cheesy family having sing-a-longs. we are SO that family. we listen to classic preschool songs and praise and worship music. my girls belt out everything from B-I-N-G-O to If You're Happy and You Know It to I have Decided to Follow Jesus...complete with motions.  but can someone please tell me why the children in the movies never yell, "NO, MOMMA!!!! DON'T SING!" if the mother tries to join in on their singing???

3. sometimes... i feel like i'm in the scene from "dumb and dumber" where they are demonstrating "the most annoying sound in the world."

only i want to tell them that they've got it wrong. i'm pretty sure this is the most annoying sound in the world. especially while driving.
(FYI...there is no picture, just sound. also - you can hear "proof" of our singing from point number two above, and yes, libbi does request to "hang" on something at the end. even though we're driving. i think she was referring to a light post we had passed).

4. sometimes... when i get the mail, i have a small glimmer of hope that there will be an anonymous check of some sort just waiting in our mailbox. i have no idea where it will come from or why, but i never give up hope that one day - one day -  it just might be there. and when it arrives, i will be overjoyed, but not quite shocked since i've kind of been waiting on it anyway.  we have received (unexpected) chick-fil-a gift cards in the mail from jeffrey's granny a time or two. and i have to be honest, that was pretty close to the thrill of a receiving an anonymous check. ;-)

5.  sometimes... when i'm feeling extra pregnant and not so "glowing" i give myself a little pep talk. and this pep talk may or may not include the phrase, "if kim kardashian can do it..." and somehow that makes me feel a little better. i mean, if kimmie k can strut her stuff (in her non maternity wardrobe i might add) at 8 months pregnant, then surely i can make it through the day sporting my target pj pants, right? sure, she may have paparazzi following her every move, but i bet she doesn't have two toddlers following her into the bathroom every time she goes. and she does have her weight gain documented in every magazine, but i'd be willing to bet she doesn't have anyone lounging all over her day in and day out or asking, "is this the baby? is THIS the baby? oh, what about this...is THIS the baby? did she just toot on me? i think it felt it..."
so i'll say it again, if kim kardashian can make it through pregnancy, then so can i.

6.  sometimes... i write a blog post that makes absolutely no sense. but there it is any way. :)

happy tuesday, friends! 

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