Tuesday, June 25, 2013

tuesday's random post...

i've been on the lookout for dresses for the girls to wear for our newborn pictures. i'd really like to have them in white smocked dresses or white eyelet dresses. you'd think this wouldn't be too hard to come by seeing as we're a) in the south and b) right smack in the middle of the summer. but alas, i've had no luck thus far. admittedly, my only "searching" has been via google, facebook, and ebay... but those are usually sure things. libbi wore this dress for her 2 year portraits and laney could wear it this year IF i can find something for libbi to coordinate with it. and let's just not even talk about how little libbi looks in this picture... ;-(

i love all of these dresses, but they're either sold out, no longer available, or just a great mystery. OR they are $75 for a dress and i just can't pay that x 3! craziness! 
via....gap.com, belk.com, carters.com, and google images

i've been busy lately with my little etsy shop. i think i'm more surprised about that than anyone - ha! here are a few recent orders i've done.
chalkboard planter with decal...
sandwich holder
snack cup
custom tumblers
name plaque
customized children's water bottle
i've also started to feature custom invites/party packs. i made this one for libbi's bday, and have added a few to the shop as well....

i've had fun making lots of vinyl decals. i can pretty much make any name/mono/picture you'd like and you can apply it yourself - how easy is that?! 

be sure to check out MY SHOP for more fun goodies... it's been a productive way to put my pregnancy insomnia to good use - ha!! :) 

speaking of pregnancy.... poor, poor baby liza is already feeling the effects of being a third child. for some reason, i've been unable to find hardly any of our "baby" baby clothes. i have lots of 12-18mo+ but the little ones are just gone. i may have loaned some out, given some away, sold some??? who knows? all i know is poor liza's wardrobe is going to be pitiful compared to her older sisters' if i don't get my act in gear...soon! (hopefully jeffrey has quit reading by this point....) ;-)

this pregnancy has been similar to my pregnancies with libbi and laney in some ways and completely different in other ways. i feel like i've reached the "uncomfortable stage" much faster this time. i actually think my pregnancy with laney was my easiest so far. now laney AFTER pregnancy has definitely not been my easiest - ha! :) i'm anxious to see how baby liza will fit into the mix. 

i've had lots of feedback from my five on friday activity posts - thank you! :) but lest you think we're always crafting, scheduling, and learning around here.... let me just put your mind at ease. 
we're not. 
at all. 
in fact, one of my girls' favorite activities is making "pillow stacks" and launching themselves on top of them. they also enjoy sitting in boxes and making up games. i'm not kidding. pretty sure you won't see any of those ideas on pinterest.... "how to jump on a stack of pillows" or "one pinner said this activity kept their child physically engaged for over an hour. and the safety risks were very moderate." 

finally, here is a fun little printable i made for the 4th of july! you can print them and use them as cupcake toppers. punch a hole in them, tie a cute ribbon through and use for napkin rings, or print them on adhesive paper and use them as stickers. the possibilities are endless. although selfishly, my sole intention of making these was to use them as cupcake toppers so i would have an excuse to make cupcakes - ha! :) not to mention the fact that my girls LOVE the song "firework" by katy perry. except they are both 100% convinced that it is "firework" by madagascar since that's the only place they've ever heard it ;)

(as always, feel free to download and enjoy. even share these with friends - but please remember these are for personal use only.)

and with that, i'll say - 
happy tuesday friends... see y'all tomorrow! :) 

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