Sunday, June 23, 2013

five on friday; activities for littles and FREE printables...

after all the birthday celebrations, i'm a little behind with my "five on friday" post this week, but better late than never, right? maybe i'll just call it six on sunday and add in an extra element? whatever works-ha!

if you're just joining in on the fun, then you may not know what all my five on friday entails. i've created a calendar of five thematic activities for little ones to complete each week during the summer. if you click on the links below, you will find the activities, crafts, and FREE printables for each of the previous week's themes....
the first week consisted of "FLAGS AND FATHERS"
week two continued with "BEACH TIME" and here we are with week three.

this week's five on friday theme is "under the sea" (because who doesn't LOVE the beach?!) 

sorting and graphing rainbow goldfish. you can use sorting trays, cut out circles, ice cube trays, even hula hoops or yarn circles to create sorting mats. sort the goldfish by color. after your child has sorted the fish, you can complete the goldfish graph (FREE PRINTABLE at bottom of the post). 
you can also make goldfish patterns on strips of paper. 

use the FREE PRINTABLE (link at bottom of the post) to create fishy races. glue or place the goldfish in each row to correlate with the numeral at the beginning of the row. you can always cover the numeral and use number words for older children. 

if your kiddos are anything like mine, then they love to play in the water! my girls love to fill and pour and refill and pour over and over and over. measuring cups, spoons, shovels, buckets, etc are all they need! you can include some seashells (i've found some at hobby lobby, michaels, walmart, and the dollar store), fish cut out of sponges, and ice cube boats to play with. 
your little ones can go on a buried treasure hunt for an object that you've hidden in the water table, collect seashells, go fishing, or just play! :) 
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continue last week's fun of hand/foot print sea animals. add your newest animals to an ocean mural, make a sea animal bunting, or just display around your home for a nice "beachy" feel! :) 

anything involving food is always a favorite for my girls (and me, too!) ;-)
here are two fun snacks you can make with your little ones:
first up, a graham cracker ocean scene: you will need a graham cracker square for each child, blue icing (or white w/blue food coloring) goldfish crackers. 
spread the blue icing on the graham cracker for the "water." place 3-4 goldfish on top. you could also use swedish fish, or any of the sea life gummies.
another fun snack idea:

fishing for snacks: give each child a pretzel rod and scoop of peanut butter. have him/her dip the pretzel in the PB and "go fish" for a goldfish cracker using the pretzel rod as a fishing pole.

thanks for stopping by for "five on friday" - as always, feel free to email me if you have any questions or comments on the activities. and since i was a little late posting, i have added in an "extra" printable. click on the link below for the fishy color words printable! 

have a great week, friends! :) 

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