Friday, June 14, 2013

five on friday... activities for littles

happy friday, friends! hope y'all have had a great week!

i've received so much positive feedback from last week's five on friday - thank you to all that emailed and/or commented. i know my girls love doing these activities, and it's nice to know you're able to enjoy some of them with your children, too!
last week's theme was "flags and fathers" (in honor of flag day and father's day). 
click HERE for that post and the free printables.

this week we'll move on to beach time fun!

just a reminder, the majority of these activities are educational, yet fun. they are inexpensive (if not completely free!), not too messy, and will keep your children's minds and bodies working this summer. unlike the summer calendars, i didn't put specific dates or days of the week on these activities. it's assumed that they will be M-F, but they do not have to be! you can skip around, add to, eliminate, or double up on any of the activities and the "flow" of the theme will not be interrupted. 

let's get started....


make an octopus with numbered tentacles. you will need - 1/2 paper plate for each child, or semi circle of construction paper. 8 "tentacles" (strips of paper) for each child. dot stickers or bingo dot markers. (you could also do thumb/finger prints OR use white reinforcement stickers).  
DIRECTIONS: decorate the semi circle to make an octopus face/body. glue or tape the 8 tentacles to the straight edge of the octopus body. above each tentacle write (or have your child write) the numbers 1-8. next, apply a dot sticker onto the tentacle to coordinate with the labeled numeral. for example, the tentacle that has the numeral "1" above it, will have 1 dot sticker, the tentacle w/the numeral "2" above it will have 2 dot stickers, etc, etc. 
libbi LOVED this activity. and the perfectionist in her had the best time making sure all of her stickers were aligned :)

cheerio starfish... use the star fish printable template (see below) or trace/draw/print your own. have your child glue cheerios to the starfish body. this is an excellent fine motor skill as well as a great way to practice one to one correspondence (one dot of glue for each cheerio). older children can cover the entire starfish. younger children can cover each dot of glue that you place on the star for them. you can also use the white reinforcement stickers again if you'd prefer instead of glue. 

beach ball numbers....blow up a beach ball and use a sharpie to write a different numeral on each colored section (you could also write number words for older children to read). roll/throw it to your child. have him identify the number that he "catches." you then give him a skill to perform that many times (jump, hop, spin, clap, count, etc). for more advanced practice, you can create combinations that equal the numeral caught (for example - he catches a "5".... jump 3 times and touch your nose 2 times....3 and 2 make 5).

handprint ocean animals.... (please forgive my paint drawings. i'm sure your actual hand/foot prints will look much better. but you get the idea). :)

sand cups.... you will need: crushed graham crackers, OR 'nilla wafers OR crushed "golden" oreos (the yellow ones).  vanilla pudding tinted blue w/food coloring. OR blue colored yogurt. OR cool whip tinted blue. goldfish crackers, whale crackers, fish gummies, etc... pour crushed cookies in  clear cup (sand), scoop the blue pudding/yogurt/coolwhip (water)  on top. place fish on top of that. enjoy :)

and here is the link to the printables...

as always, feel free to email me with any questions or comments...i'll be happy to help!
mrsamytippins {at} gmail {dot} com

TGIF! :)

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