Friday, June 7, 2013

five on friday....

UPDATE…. I've added a 2014 version of the father's day printable! :) 
click HERE for the 2014 questionnaire. 

this week's "five on friday" features five different activities to do with your little ones in the upcoming week. i've broken up the "week" into five days (M-F) because we typically have one routine for our weekdays and then a completely different (and more relaxed) routine for our weekends. i posted earlier this week about our summer calendars, schedule, and bucket lists and many of these five activities correlate with those activities, too. 

i have a summer-full of five themed activities for the week. i'll try to post them each week on fridays so if you're interested in participating, you can have time to prepare before monday. the majority of these activities are educational, yet fun. they are inexpensive (if not completely free!), not too messy, and will keep your children's minds and bodies working this summer. unlike the summer calendars, i didn't put specific dates or days of the week on these activities. it's assumed that they will be M-F, but they do not have to be! you can skip around, add to, eliminate, or double up on any of the activities and the "flow" of the theme will not be interrupted. 

this upcoming week's theme is "flags and fathers" in honor of father's day and flag day! ( for the week of 6/10-6/14)

i've included a memory verse each week, because as i mentioned in our "daily schedule" post, we will work on a bible verse each week. it just so happens to coordinate with our theme! win: win! :-)
and in most cases, these activities are the "learning activities" we will be completing during that portion of our daily schedule

now, let's get to the "five on friday" list....

sorting stars by color/size/texture, etc. you can create your own stars from construction paper, use stickers, foam stickers, scrapbook paper, clip art - anything! make sure to have a "real" american flag and have your child practice counting the stars. 
you can also use the stars to make basic patterns (red, white, blue; red, white, blue; etc OR big star, small star, big star, small star, etc...) for younger children, just peeling and sticking star stickers onto a piece of paper is a great fine motor skill! and you can work on color identification as well! 
i've also included a FREE printable for a connect the dots star. (link at bottom of post). 

learn and/or practice reciting the pledge of allegiance. you'll be surprised at how quickly young children can pick it up! play the numbered flag game. 
i have included a FREE printable with colored rectangles. you can print as many copies of this as you choose, cut out the rectangles and write a numeral 0-10 on them. (link at bottom of post). you can also create your own rectangles using construction paper, scrapbook paper, white paper, etc.
have your child place the correct number of stickers on the rectangle to match the written numeral. again, younger children can practice peeling/sticking stickers. you can also focus on numbers 0-3. 

in honor of father's day, help your child fill out this questionnaire. you can also create a father's day card or craft of your choice. 

star spangled names. use a sharpie or marker to write your child's name in large letters on a piece of paper. (if he/she has a longer name, you may just want to do first initial or monogram. however, if you think your child can handle all the letters in his/her name....feel free!)
give your child star stickers and have him/her cover the letters of their name, essentially "tracing" the letters with the stickers. much in the same way he/she would write his/her name. make sure to start on the left and track to the right. 
if you did not want to use stickers (since it might take a lot!) you could always trace the letters with elmer's glue and use dots, or tear small pieces of red/white/blue paper to cover the letters. bingo dot markers are always an option as well. 

flag toast: you will need a piece of bread for each child, strawberry jelly/jam, slice and halved bananas, and blueberries. toast the bread, let your child spread jelly on it (and/or cream cheese). place the blueberries in the upper left corner to resemble the "blue square" on the flag. then make rows of bananas for the "white stripes" (the red jelly in between each row will represent the red stripes.)
picture via google images....

here is a link to ALL of the printables. feel free to download, just please remember they are for personal use only. 

hopefully you've found some ideas you can use to help your babies learn and have fun this upcoming week! please email me (mrsamytippins {at} gmail {dot} com) if you have any questions or problems with the downloads! 

happy friday, friends! :) 

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