Wednesday, June 5, 2013

it's only wednesday....

this has been one of those weeks where i wanna say, "it's only wednesday?!?!
i feel like i've barely had time to breathe. i'm not sure if it's being pregnant, busy, tired, or just a combination of all three, but we've been going strong all week and it's wearing me out - ha! 

sunday was my dad's birthday so we went to my parents' house for a cookout. the girls were so excited they couldn't stand it. laney was celebrating buddy's birthday all day. she calls the grandma and grandpa little people "mimzy and buddy" - ha! i have no idea why....there is absolutely no resemblance except for the fact that they're both grandparents. 

anyway, she had them set up singing "happy birthday buddy!" all morning. and she was prone to shouting, "BUDDY'S BIR-DAY!" randomly throughout the day.  jeffrey was playing in a golf tournament, so he met us at my parents' house (he won, by the way - woohoo!!) and we all had a good time celebrating buddy.  the girls love playing together and i'm pretty sure libbi says blakeley's name no less than 5,000 times within a 30 minute time span. i can't wait to add another little girl to the group! 

monday we started swimming lessons. libbi was a bit disappointed when i first told her about them,  since she was convinced she already knew how to swim. some days she'd say she taught herself in the bath tub (not hardly), other days she'd say jeffrey gave her lessons (he didn't). Lord knows she didn't learn from me... i'm a professional dog paddler, but i'd probably sink like a rock before i'd be able to survive out in the ocean. libbi and laney are both taking swimming lessons. laney goes first and libbi stays near us with her puddle jumper on and swims around the shallow end while i work with laney. then libbi takes her lesson and i continue to wrangle laney. 

let me just tell you, if you haven't done a "mommy and me" swim class with your fearless 2 year old while also being 8 months pregnant - you are seriously missing out, my friends. i am 100% positive that i work harder during swimming lessons than laney. unless you count the amount of times she fights me to let her go - then she'd win by a long shot. libbi has done really well and it's been fun to watch her learn a new skill. well, what little i can watch. laney keeps me pretty busy during libbi's lessons. 

swimming lessons are a great way to see the differences in my girls' personalities. laney is fearless. she wants to jump in, go under, do her own thing. she fights me to let go of her in the water 99% of the time. libbi, on the other hand, is super cautious. she's inquisitive and questions everything. she worries about what will happen if she "sinks to the bottom." she'll follow the instructor's directions, but she is very aware of where she is in proximity to her at all times. 

since swimming lessons last until 4:30, it's closer to 5 by the time we pack up, get everyone out of the pool, walk home, change clothes, etc, etc. so i've been starting supper during nap time so i can just pop it in the oven when we get home and hopefully save a lot of time (and stress!) 
except for tuesday, when i accidentally locked us out of the house. then we trekked back to the pool and stayed until jeffrey got home from work and could let us in the house. now THAT was a fun time. (or not). actually, libbi loved every minute of it since it meant we were in the pool for almost 2.5hrs straight. laney....not so much. and i have to say i wasn't exactly thrilled either. but, i am thankful it wasn't raining, we all had sunscreen on, i had snacks, and i had a phone. it could have been much worse. 

the girls have also been waking up at dark thirty each morning. seriously. it is the butt-crack of dawn, and it is brutal. their early morning wake-ups combined with my pregnancy insomnia have not served me well. and i don't know about your kiddos, but mine wake up i'm talking full out performances and "shows" by 7am. including but not limited to, songs, dances, limbo (complete with libbi yelling, "LIM-O LANEY, LIMMMM-O!" as laney walks head first into the rope).  
this is how laney starts her morning. she puts on shorts under her gown and finds her shoes. she's ready to "GO!" by 6:30am... no rest for the weary. 
libbi dresses herself (see: purple socks?! and a little bed head) and wants to know "where we goin' today?" as i try to explain nothing is open at this hour (except walmart and mcdonalds). 
performance time! 
LIMBO! :) 

we attempted to go to a summer kick off event at the library this week, but the girls much preferred "hanging around" outside. i wish i were kidding. we actually missed the story time, but really worked hard on strength training - ha! 

this week, we've also played at the indoor playground at the mall...aka the cess pool of germs. obviously skirts were a wonderful choice for this outing. oops. ;-)

oh, and in between all of that libbi had a birthday party.... for herself- ha! it was very low key. only princesses were invited. i was not. and laney was quickly "NOT IN-BITED ANYMORE!" aka uninvited for stealing the party guests. ;-)

and with that, i will say again... "it's only wednesday?!" ha! 

but believe me, i wouldn't have it any other way. 

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