Monday, June 17, 2013

doctors, weekends, birthdays, and dads...

a nice little hodgepodge title for a hodgepodge post. :) 

just a quick bit of "catch-up" for my memory's sake. because Lord knows if i don't write it down, i'll never remember it! unless it's a meal...somehow i can always seem to remember to eat. i don't ever have to remind myself about that! ha! ;) 

i took the girls with me to the doctor again last week and they did such a great job. i was SO proud! i always feel like it's either one extreme or the other - either they're on their very best behavior and all the doctor's and nurses are telling me to have 5 more babies. OR they're wild and people don't know whether to pity me or fear for their own lives. thankfully, this past appointment was filled with compliments - not sympathy - ha! 

the girls both wanted to bring their own babies to the appointment. makes sense i guess since we were going to the "baby doctor." kind of gives a new meaning to BYOB. :)

i basically set them up in the exam room with stickers, markers, snacks - anything and everything to keep them occupied and quiet. they did stay occupied, but not always quiet. laney kept calling the dr. "Teacher" and trying to snoop on her charts. and libbi totally called me out and asked why i was wearing the same thing i had worn the day before. (in my defense, i had only worn that dress for an HOUR the day before and it was still perfectly clean... in my eyes, anyway). but if you know libbi, then you know that she typically changes clothes at least three times a day, so she was appalled that i would be "repeating" an outfit so soon. 

saturday we had a great time celebrating cousin blakeley at her birthday party. my girls had been looking forward to it for weeks! and they were not disappointed. cake. toys. cousins. grandparents.... all of their favorite things in one place. i'm pretty sure my girls aren't going to know what to do once the month of june is over. we've celebrated buddy's and blakeley's birthdays thus far. then this week we still have mine and libbi's. they're going to start expecting birthday cake at every family function (which isn't necessarily a bad idea...)
**and yes, laney does have a black eye. it's actually a lot better now. she fell and hit herself in the face with a train a few weeks ago. it's FINALLY starting to heal/fade....

sunday was a great day to celebrate jeffrey. the girls had fun drawing him pictures, filling out the "Dad questionnaire" and just lovin' on daddy! after a great church service (where they served the dad's chocolate covered bacon - not kidding) we came home and relaxed and watched the US Open. well, kind of. that was our intention, but our girls didn't really get the memo. they don't particularly enjoy "relaxing" and honestly don't care all that much about the US Open. we tried our best though to let jeffrey enjoy it as much as possible. poor jeffrey always had dreams of being surrounded by women, but it kind of takes on a whole new meaning when you're the only male in a house of three (soon to be FOUR!) women. i have to say that he handles it quite nicely, though. 

this week is another busy week - the girls are both going to camp (school camp as libbi calls it), we're celebrating my birthday on thursday, libbi's birthday party is friday, and her actual birthday is saturday. we're not even gonna talk about how my BABY will be FOUR!!!! ;-(

hope you're prepared for lots of birthday posts this week.... june is a popular month to be born! ;-)

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