Wednesday, June 19, 2013


today... i dropped the girls off at summer camp. 

today... i went to a doctor's appointment by myself. 

today... i spent almost the entire 3.5 hours the girls were at camp at said doctor's appointment.

today... i had a non-stress test.

today... i was thankful the the NST measured the baby's "stress" levels and not my own. otherwise i'm sure i would have failed. 

today... i listened to justin timberlake in the car instead of preschool jams. 

today... i picked up the girls from camp. libbi had on the same outfit i dropped her off in; laney did not.

today... i napped while the girls napped. 

today... i did two loads of laundry. one was planned, one was not. (thanks, laney).

today... i made cookies with my girls after naptime.

today... i served my family leftovers for supper. 

today... i was exhausted. (thank you pregnancy insomnia).

today... i confirmed the plans for libbi's birthday party.

today... i put away laundry while jeffrey gave baths.

today... i read a christmas book to libbi before bed. 

today... i stayed up way too late (as usual). 

today... has been a long day, but...


i celebrate my birthday.  ;-)

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