Saturday, June 22, 2013


let me start off by saying this post is FULL of pictures...
and follow that up by saying - birthdays are exhausting - ha! pretty sure the past few days have felt like weeks...we have been on a birthday overload around here! which means we've more or less been on a sugar high since thursday afternoon. ;)

we went to mellow mushroom thursday evening to celebrate my birthday. jeffrey was sweet enough to invite my family to join us and we had a great time! the girls love being with their cousins and it was a great excuse to see my mom and dad one last time before they left for their mission trips.

at this point, my birthday is simply a technicality. it's just one more day to mark off the calendar in the countdown until libbi's birthday. and of course, another excuse to eat cake! but i'm okay with that. :)

friday morning marked libbi's "birthday party day" and she was more than excited. laney wasn't entirely sure what was happening, but she was excited too. she also enjoyed saying, "momma's bur-day....O-VER!" and i think she told libbi "happ bur-day" every 5 minutes. libbi ate it up. but also laughed and had to explain every.single.time that it wasn't actually her birthday, it was just her party
we decided to just have a small party this year for her little friends. this pregnant momma couldn't handle a big to-do, and honestly - libbi would much prefer a small group as opposed to a big crowd of people. she gets overwhelmed easily.

we met at build-a-bear friday morning and the girls had a great time choosing their bears (or bulldogs in laney's case).

i love these pictures, because you can totally see laney creeping in the background and doing her own thing. that girl is such a mess.
after the bears were made and filled with love, we went downstairs and enjoyed libbi's favorite lunch, chick-fil-a! and a birthday is not complete without (another!) cake....

libbi went to bed as a three year old and woke up as a VERY excited four year old! :)
we were up nice and early and at IHOP by 8:15am. both girls LOVE pancakes!  after IHOP, we made our way over to the park and the farmer's market. pancakes, park, and produce with all her favorite people...what could be better?! ;-) (pretty sure laney got the good end of this deal, too...) ha!

we had told libbi she could choose any activity she wanted for all of us to do on her birthday. we suggested the mall, swimming, pedicures, etc, etc, etc.... she thought for moment and said, "i want to go bowling." huh?! not sure where that came from, but if the birthday girl wanted to bowl, then we would bowl. 

poor laney's little dress just wouldn't stay down. but seriously, how cute are those chunky legs with her bowling shoes?! haha! i couldn't resist. she was just so cute. 
surprisingly, both girls loved bowling and had a great time! it was a successful birthday adventure. :)

we came home, ate lunch, then went to the pool for a birthday swim. see what i mean about birthdays being exhausting?! everyone (excluding the preggo insomniac) was in bed and asleep by 8pm. another birthday success! :) 

such a fun weekend for our sweet four year old girl! 
we love you to pieces libbi jane!!! 

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