Wednesday, July 3, 2013

fourth flashbacks...

i love a good comparison post. so in honor of the upcoming fourth of july holiday here are a few "fourth flashbacks"....

libbi's first 4th of july holiday (2009). she was just shy of 2 weeks old here...

july 4, 2010.
this is the only picture i could find. apparently the "self timer" wasn't in full effect this day ;)

july 4, 2011
laney's first 4th of july. complete with an outfit change (or two or three!) i guess i didn't remember the "red, white, and blue" dress code for myself.

july 4, 2011.
 i can't believe this was just last year! i remember thinking libbi looked so big driving her golf cart around. little did i know, i'd look back on this picture a year later and think how small she looks! and laney? well, laney was just already her lovable, yet dramatic, self-ha! 

and now this year! i can't believe how big my babies are AND the fact that next july 4th there will be THREE of them!!!!! 
God Bless America !
(and God Bless Jeffrey Tippins for putting up with all us girls) ;-)

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