Sunday, September 29, 2013

fall, family, and football...

we had busy, busy weekend - but it was SO much fun!
i love this time of year. not too cold and not too hot - just perfect. plus there's lots of family time and some football thrown in - what could be better?! :)

friday night we went a place called "corndawgs" with the girls. we went into it knowing that it could be a huge bust since we were leaving after jeffrey got home from work (right at supper time), driving over an hour to get there and staying out past bedtime. the odds were stacked against us, but we decided to brave it and go make some memories any way (even if they were the not so pleasant kind - ha!)

the girls were so excited and couldn't wait to get there. libbi asked about a million times if we were there yet. and laney thought that every playground we passed was our final destination. we finally arrived and libbi headed straight for the big slide. the only problem was that the staff failed to notice the small lake pooled at the bottom of the slide. y'all. it was awful. 

poor libbi slid down before we even knew it and was soaked to the bone. it looked like she had been dunked in a swimming pool fully clothed. bless her heart. i was SO proud of her though, because she took it all in stride. it would have been so easy for her to let that ruin her night, but she didn't let it. she definitely does not like being the center of attention, so this was an uncomfortable situation for her, but she handled it so well! luckily, i had a few random items of clothing in the car so she was able to change out of her soaking wet clothes and into something dry. i couldn't really help the "shoe situation" but i blame that on jeffrey. if he wasn't so insistent on cleaning out my car from time to time, we would've had at least 5 pairs of shoes, 27 socks (since it's always an ODD number!) and almost a full wardrobe of clothing to choose from under each of the seats. but alas, the car was clean and only a lone halloween shirt and pair of black leggings that had not yet made their way into the house remained. so when you see these pictures, just imagine that she's wearing the same cute outfit that laney has on. i'm sure other patrons were questioning my parenting skills thinking i had dressed my child in all black to go to a farm. at night. (although, libbi did remind us that her shirt glowed in the dark. so if she "walked backwards" we would still be able to see her). ;-)

after we cleaned libbi up and dried her off, the girls just ran around playing like crazy. it was a fun place, but one of those places where there's SO much to do that they just kind of run around and touch everything but can't commit to one thing. libbi loved the bungee jumping. and again, we were so proud. i could not believe that my cautious little girl was brave enough to try this! she's growing up. :) 
it was so much fun to watch her go from being unsure and scared as she was being hooked up, to loving every second of being in the air. definitely a highlight for all of us!

we made it back home after bedtime, but happy and content. so a late night was the least of our worries. 

saturday morning we got dressed in our red and black and prepared to cheer on the dawgs!! jeffrey and i dropped the girls off at my mom and dad's on our way to athens. they had a fun time playing outside and even got to hang out with mawmaw! i'm pretty sure they didn't miss us too much. 
actually i'm pretty sure they didn't even give us a second thought. ;)

we were SO SO SO excited for the dawgs win!! what a great night!  well...most of us were excited. ;-)

sunday we spent the day recovering from the weekend - aka catching up on laundry and grocery shopping. don't be jealous. 

the girls were tired from a busy weekend and were happy to just play at home today. they actually played really well together and had fun just being with each other. some days it seems like the fighting far outweighs the playing, but thankfully today was not one of those days. as always, the weekends seem to fly by, but i'm thankful we were able to pack in as many things as we did. being tired is just a small price to pay for making memories. it's 100% worth it. every.single. time. 

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