Monday, October 28, 2013

3 months...

i'm a little late with liza's three month post (that seems to be a trend these days...) but lo and behold, even though i didn't post about it, it still happened! ;)

liza june, you are three months old! you are growing so much every single day. you are still just the happiest, most content, easy-going baby. and believe me, we KNOW what a blessing that is! there are many days that i feel like i'm just waiting for the bottom to fall out, because i'm convinced you just can't possibly keep up this "good baby" act for long. but so far, you've proved me wrong. you go anywhere, do anything, all without making a peep. you nap in the car, in your swing, in your stroller - wherever we may be! i'm so thankful that you're so flexible. (and i'm sure your sisters are, too!)

we laugh thinking about you being a "preemie" because you surely don't look like a teeny tiny baby. you're tipping the scales at almost 16 pounds! go, girl! you've started cooing and "talking" and it is the sweetest sound. you talk to libbi more than anyone else. and you smile the most for her, too. she has a way of talking to you (it sounds like nails on a chalkboard....sorry, libs) but you apparently love it, because you coo and coo and smile like it's your job. 

you're a very serious baby. you make us work for those smiles, but the payoff is definitely worth it. :)
you like to sit up and just take everything in. your little head is always on a swivel, watching everything around you.  i still think you look so much like libbi. even your little hair line is the same (your "mohawk" down the middle that won't LIE DOWN!!) but every now and then, i see a bit of laney in you, too. 

you don't mind tummy time, although it's not always successful....for whatever reason. ;-)

admittedly, you don't get much "alone time"...there's always someone (or two someone's) hovering nearby. but they seriously just love you so much. they would do anything for you and just want to be near you all the time. 

and you've got it rough, because not only do you have to deal with me taking your picture all the time, you have two big sisters snapping away, too. you're a lucky girl liza june to have big sisters who love you so much. 

we're so thankful for your little life and for all the ways you're growing and changing each day. we love you so much! happy three months!! 

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