Tuesday, October 22, 2013

day 22....

so much for blogging 31 days, huh? ;)
we're still here. we're still alive. we've just had a rough week or so. 
both the big girls have been sick... the ever popular "virus" strikes again.

libbi and laney only made it to school one day last week due to a fever and cough. 
i missed bible study on wednesday in lieu of a doctor's appt for libbi. all three girls at the ped's office, surprisingly not so bad. 
(not counting the fact that laney had on libbi's shoes...on the wrong feet.)

laney must have picked up something at the doctor's office, because she was down for the count come thursday. both girls were home sick thursday and friday. libbi's virus had let up by friday, but laney's croup was in full force by then. 
yes, sick children. please, please lay all over your baby sister. this is exactly what i want you to do....

oh yeah, did i mention jeffrey was out of town during most of this? :) isn't that the way it always happens? 
such is life. 

over the weekend libbi seemed to improve, but laney didn't. her croup resolved after a {super} fun 
three days of steroids, but she just couldn't shake the fever and a new cough developed shortly after. 
she had a brief spurt of energy where she managed to fall head first into her dresser while climbing on her chair, but other than that she was pretty blah all weekend. 

we attempted family pictures on sunday, but you can imagine how well that went over. 

sunday night was a loooooong night. even more so than usual :) 
laney barely slept at all because of her fever and cough. libbi made it back to school on monday, but laney stayed home sick again. throughout the day she didn't fare much better, so we ended up back at the doctor {again} that afternoon. 

after a blood draw to check her white blood count, we were sent over to CHOA to have a chest xray done to rule out pneumonia. laney was a trooper through it all. she handled everything like a champ. liza was with us too and she was also a rockstar. she didn't make a peep the entire time (minus one relatively embarrassing explosion during laney's exam). libbi stayed home with buddy (my dad) and they had quite the time together. thankfully, all laney's test results came back negative - no pneumonia, white blood count was good. so we're treating her cough and getting lots of rest. she slept really good last night (thank you, Jesus!) and has rested a good bit today. we're hoping and praying that come wednesday she'll be feeling back to herself and that maybe, just maybe, she can return to school on thursday. and maybe, just maybe then i can shower and wash some clothes. ;)

hopefully i'll be back tomorrow with day 23 of the 31 days of honest effort series. my goal is to finish strong! and thank you to everyone that emailed and commented on laney's sleep issues (and mine, ha!) i received a lot of positive advice and encouragement. as soon as laylay is healthy, we'll be putting operation:sleep into full effect! :))
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