Friday, November 15, 2013

five on friday...

i'm linking up with the girls for five on friday this week, so here's my list of five random happenings from the tippins fam.....

i can't believe that it's already the middle of november. how in the world did that happen? this is such a fun time of year and i love that my girls get so excited about every little thing. my mom and dad already have their house decorated for christmas and when we went over,  libbi and laney just ooh'd and aah'd over it and exclaimed each decoration as "SOOOOO beautiful!" makes me want to go home and decorate right now. i'm not one of those people that is against decorating before thanksgiving. and i still respect the turkey and all that nonsense - ha! it just takes SO long to decorate and so i want to do it as soon as possible so we can enjoy it for as long as possible. plus, i just feel like it makes our house look cleaner and more "homey" when it's all decorated for christmas. so as soon as our boxes are out of the attic (*hint*hint jeffrey) i'm getting to work!

the girls, especially libbi, have been very into the show "peppa pig" lately. (only she calls it pepper pig and laney calls it pop pop pig, but whatever.) why is it that they always choose the weirdest {most annoying} shows as their favorites? if you've never seen peppa, don't worry you're not missing out. she's just a british pig that says, "mummy" and "ello!" a lot. so of course now libbi (and even laney) speak in british accents. libbi has deemed herself as "pepper" and laney is her little brother "george" (a role that laney happily accepts - ha!) and i am so fortunate to be cast as "mummy pig." isn't that a joy?
and i constantly hear, "mummy..." i'll be glad when our peppa phase has passed. ;-)

earlier this week we did a little photoshoot for our sweet friend amanda over at goat&lulu. libbi had a great time and i'm excited to see some of the pictures. laney wasn't involved...but she sure thought she was. she styled many different outfits and had some very interesting poses going on. what can i say? she's easily entertained. it's crazy to think that these girls "met" for the first time when they were just itty bitty babies and amanda and i were both on maternity leave from work. libbi and brantley are just a few weeks apart. and now, here we are.... four years later and four more babies between us. life happens fast, doesn't it? i'm sure our mom's can attest to that since amanda and i met when we weren't too much older than our girls are now.


liza has been so smiley lately. she's really starting to show her little personality. she is just the happiest, most content baby. we've even gotten a few laughs out of her. not many, but i'm sure she'll be giggling with her sisters in no time.

i'm so excited for a big giveaway coming up next week. make sure to check back in on monday morning. y'all don't want to miss it....i'm telling you, it's a BIG one!!! :)

have a great weekend, friends!
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