Friday, November 1, 2013

five on friday...

happy november first, friends!
so.... you might have noticed that i totally flaked on my 31 days series. i think i got in about half of the posts. i really underestimated how hard it would be to blog every day. many times, i would sit down to write, but then get called away by other things, so i would never finish the post. a good many of them still in my "drafts" folder, so i'm guessing i'll just go ahead and publish them at some point. 
but for today,  i'm linking up with the good life blog for a quick "five on friday" post....

we had a fun time leading up to halloween. fall festivals, costume parades at school, and then some trick-or-treating. my girls are all about dressing up in costumes and of course, the candy. 
although it seems like they're never both excited about posing for pictures with me at the same time. why is someone always trying to escape?! ;) 
liza was not as impressed with the festivities. i'm sure she'll change her stance on halloween when she can actually have candy next year. 

we took the girls trick or treating last night. it was an experience to say the least....
random adult costumes, a full size bag of bittersweet baking m&m's, a red devil mask, and some vegetable chips later we were back home only to realize we had successfully locked ourselves out. thankfully, it wasn't raining, we had plenty of "snacks", and my parents were close by with a key to our house. trick-or-treating can sure tell you a lot about your neighbors, that's for sure. and it makes for some really interesting conversation starters with your children.

apparently my girls have deemed wednesday as our unofficial "sick day" each week. we've been to the pediatrician every wednesday for the past three weeks. once for each girl. this week was baby liza's turn. poor little love has her first ear infection. the good news is, it doesn't seem to bother her. the not so good news? an ear infection at three months is not a good sign. here's to hoping she doesn't make a habit out of this....

let it be known that if your two-year-old's pants legs are haphazardly rolled up over her knees and you casually ask her to "pull her pants down" she will, in fact, just drop her drawers completely right in the middle of the doctor's office. note to self: mean what you say, and say what you mean. ;) 

finally, have y'all ever heard of "the candy fairy" or the "switch witch?" i have never heard of anything of the sort until this year. apparently it's a fairy or a witch or whatever you choose who comes to your house and leaves a present in exchange for halloween candy. now, i love candy just as much as anyone, but i think this idea is GENIUS! mostly because my girls (cough*laney!*cough) are driving me b-a-n-a-n-a-s about all this candy. laney had a fit last night when she realized she couldn't take it all to bed with her. it's all she talks about, thinks about, and wants to eat. so i've told my girls that they have two days with their candy-ha! enough time to say a proper goodbye ;) 
 and on saturday night, they have to leave it on the front porch for the candy fairy. she'll come while they're sleeping and leave them a present in place of their candy. 

and with that, i've got to run.... i've got some candy to eat before the fairy visits tomorrow night! ;) happy weekend! 

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