Thursday, November 7, 2013

since last week...

since last week, we have....

gone trick or treating. 

brought home the class mascot, "skittles" 
(side note: laney is currently obsessed with skittles - the candy, not the bear. so every time someone mentioned "skittles" (the bear) she would freak out and think we were giving out skittles (the candy). it's safe to say halloween has left a lasting impression on her....).

cheered the dawgs on to victory (whew!) 

dressed up as a pirate and who knows what else? 

had movie night with monsters university (which libbi insists on calling, "monsters anniversary")

arrived at church with plenty of time to spare, thank you DST.

played with stickers.

made signs for our doors (albeit, not very kind ones. although i'm still proud of the letters she sounded out all by herself! it's supposed to say, "Only Libbi NoBoDy Come In" 

gone to school, chickfila, the mall, homegoods, and small group at church. 
(laney always thinks she is big stuff when she can walk instead of ride in the buggy). 

made m&m cookies. (thanks to the large bag of m&m's given out on halloween by one of our neighbors.) ;-)
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hung out at home. 

we've done a lot of smiling. and even a little bit of laughing. 
and it's only thursday. :) 

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