Sunday, June 8, 2014


we had one of those weekends where it felt busy, but in reality - we didn't really do much.
friday afternoon i packed up the girls and we drove to my parents' house. we had plans to eat supper with my mawmaw friday night, so we just went on over to my mom and dad's since they live close to mawmaw. i decided to pack our things and spend the night at my parents to save us the drive back home that evening. it's a little over an hour from our house to my mom and dad's house- which isn't too terribly far- but it can feel like a cross country drive with two girls constantly bickering and one baby screaming.  not that i would know anything about that. ha!

to break up our drive that afternoon, we stopped at a cupcake shop that is about halfway between our house and my mom and dad's. libbi and laney are just like their momma…..they love a good cupcake. and i'd be willing to bet liza does too. something about her just screams cupcake, no? ;)


the girls had fun playing at mimzy and buddy's until it was time to go to mawmaw's house. 
libbi has some new sunglasses that my mom got for her and she has worn them nonstop. i noticed her wearing them in the house and said, "libs - you know you can take those off, right?" and she said, "yes, but i was just wishing we could go outside." i reminded her that it was about to rain and she very deliberately said, "i know. that's why i said i was WISHING we could go outside." well, excuse me.  also - you'll notice from the pictures that mimzy and buddy's "princess room" for the girls is pretty much every thing that we don't have at home but libbi and laney wish we did: pink walls, princess themed bedding, princess decals, bunk beds…. life is good at mimzy and buddy's house. ;)

we had fun at mawmaw's and ate way too much. this was liza's first time to experience some of mawmaw's home-cooking, and it's safe to say she was a fan. a mega-fan. at one point she was double fisting macaroni and cheese, biscuits, and butter peas. liza don't play. 

saturday we headed home and played for a bit before heading out to the mall. the girls enjoy shopping just as much as their momma. #sorryjeffrey 
we stopped by target on our way home to buy a pool float for liza and also for laney to announce to the entire store that she was "NOT RIDING IN 'DA BUGGY!!!" 

after our errands, we came home and got ready for the pool. three hours later we were ready to go. kidding. but it sure feels like it can take an eternity getting three kids dressed, sun screened, packed, pottied/diapered, and out the door. jeffrey was playing in a golf tournament and had just gotten home so he joined us at the pool. 

one of the perks of pool days in the summer? 
tired babies. can i get an amen? ;)
this one couldn't even make it through the bedtime story...

we had big plans to go to church today, but i overslept. oops. guess pool days wear out more than just the babies. jeffrey was still playing in his tournament today so he left bright and early. the girls and i did some chores around the house. which means i cleaned while they made pillow mountains on my bed and practiced their "flying squirrel jumps" and used the breast pump attachments to make walkie talkies, megaphones, trumpets, binoculars, and any other thing they could imagine. 

 liza hasn't been the best napper lately, but she rocked it with a 2.5 hour nap this morning so i was able to knock out lots on my to do list. she's in that "eat everything, crawl everywhere, pull up on anything" stage (that's an official stage in case you didn't know) and it is incredibly hard to get things done during the day. i feel like i say, "liza! what are you eating!?" a million times a day. as if i expect her to answer me. it doesn't matter though, because 9/10 times i end up digging around in her mouth and fishing out whatever little curiosity she's managed to find. the big girls are very helpful in yelling, "LIZA'S EATIN' SUMFIN!" yet they fail to realize that most of the time the things she's eating are items THEY have left on the floor. 

we bought one of those tacky play yard contraptions to help liza stop eating all.the.things and to keep her out of the big girls' stuff when they're playing as she tends to go all godzilla on their creations. libbi and laney affectionally call it, "the pit" ha! 
their first question is, "can you put liza in the pit?" and then about five minutes later it's "can we get in the pit with liza?" i'm not sure if i'd win the award for best or worst mom as i have three children 4 and under corralled in a "pit" in our living room. but hey,  it's not like i have signs saying, "don't feed the children" or anything. so it's all good, right???? ;-)

we wrapped up our sunday night with pizza and watching miss usa. actually i'm watching miss usa - the girls are sleeping and expecting to watch it as soon as they wake up in the morning. libbi is going to VBS this week and i'm so excited for her. i have so many wonderful memories of going to vacation bible school every summer. i hope she loves it as much as i always did. laney isn't quite old enough, so we'll be giving potty training another shot. wish us luck! :) 

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