Tuesday, July 1, 2014

june recap...

y'all. i can't believe today is the first day of july. seriously. where did the month of june go?!

since i was a random (aka bad) blogger during the month of june, i thought i would post a photo recap of our month…  and include a few little hashtags for fun ;-)
*if you follow me on IG, then you've probably already seen most of these pics*

june 1 - ice cream at the park with daddy. #GetItGirl

june 2 - liza got a "pit" (as libbi and laney call it)

 june 3rd - laney had croup. #SteroidsAreOfTheDevil

june 4th - laney found some body wash and decided to lather up for the swimming pool. she was very proud of her "scunscreen" application. #Guilty #QuietIsNeverGood

june 5th - gymnastics day! 
#Leotards #NuffSaid

june 6th - we stopped at the bakery to pick up cupcakes for buddy's birthday.

 june 7th - a little sister art time. #LizaEatsCrayons

june 10th - libbi's second day of VBS and she made a card for laney. they were both thrilled! 

june 12th - we celebrated blakeley's 4th birthday at the fountains. #HappyBirthdayBlakeley

june 14th - libbi's last day of VBS (or ABCD as laney called it) 
#PoshSpice #SportySpice #BabySpice

june 15th - lots of smiles from baby liza! #TEEFERS

june 16th - celebrating our favorite dad. #JeffreyIsSoLucky #MostPhotogenicFamily hahaha! ;-)

june 17th - camp: day one

#HugYourSister #AndMeanIt

june 18th - adventures at the DMV #Ugh

june 19th - i picked up cookies for libbi's birthday party. and then forgot to take them with me on her party day. story of my life. #ForgottenPrincesses

june 20th - MY birthday! celebrating with my favorite girls and our favorite meal. #CFAFoLife

june 21st - this big girl got her ears pierced!!! #BeautyIsPain

june 22nd - we celebrated our FIVE year old!!! #HappyBirthdayLibbi

june 23rd - it was raining outside, so the girls played "beach" inside all day long. it was hilarious. #NoBeachNoProblem #TotalRelaxation #IWish

june 24th - family game night! #LotsofCheating 

june 25th - we stopped in the hallmark story with mimzy. the girls BEGGED for these angry birds hats. if i hadn't been there, i'm pretty sure mimzy would have caved. ;-)

june 25th - liza boycotted bedtime. but she was so cute i couldn't be mad. 

june 26th - fun day at home with liza while the big girls were at their last day of camp!

june 27th - police station selfie…. we were rear ended and the driver sped off! luckily, i got his tag number and we drove straight to the police station to file a report. thankfully, we were all fine - it was a very minor incident. #LizaIsStillInShock

june 28th - we celebrated all the june birthdays in the family. cookout, water slides, pools, bouncy house…. ya know, just a typical saturday at mimzy and buddy's. 

june 29th - i went to a bridal luncheon for one of my dearest friends! i am one of her matron's of honor in her wedding in just a few weeks!!! it was a gorgeous luncheon. #TheRitz

june 30th - we ended the month on a high note!! laney tippins decided it was finally time she left diapers behind! (haha - pun intended). ;) 
she has done AWESOME!! and i'm about 99.9% ready to say she's officially potty trained #BoutTime
#GoLayLayGo #InThePotty 

hope your june was full of happy times and sweet memories. 
here's to a fabulously full july!! 

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