Wednesday, July 16, 2014

weekend wrap-up….

here i am doing a weekend wrap up at 11 am on a wednesday morning, but better late than never, right? ;-)
we had a busy, busy weekend with lots of highlights and a few obvious reminders of my age (ha!)….

1. if all else fails, get a milkshake. ;-)
liza stayed with my mom and dad on friday night while jeffrey and i went to a rehearsal dinner for my bff's wedding. liza is still nursing and isn't really keen on drinking milk from a sippy cup or bottle. i knew she'd be fine, but i believe my exact words were "if all else fails, get a milkshake." because honestly? sister loves her a chickfila milkshake. ha! 

2. my friend makes a beautiful bride. gorgeous bride. 
isn't she stunning?!  and the wedding was absolutely perfect. one of the most fabulous things i've ever been a part of. (and i totally stole these pics off of FB….sorry!) 

3. i'm pretty sure i was the only attendee who brought her own breast pump. 
oh, the joys of motherhood. ;) 

4. the weekend was a blast, but i am definitely not cut out for late nights. i am a total grandma. i was up wayyyyyyyy past my bedtime no one, but two nights in a row. whew! 

5. libbi and i went with my parents to see The Little Mermaid on sunday afternoon at The Fox. 
libbi was certain there would be a fox at the fox theater, but alas that was not the case. thank goodness.
we thoroughly enjoyed the show and it was fun for all of us! it's so neat that one of my childhood favorites is now one of libbi's, too! i get to enjoy it all over again and it's twice the fun, because i get to enjoy it through her eyes, too. 

6. i feel like i could use a honeymoon after last weekend - ha! but we're back to our 6:15/30am wakeup calls and nonstop fun all day. and i wouldn't trade it for the world. 

7. i'm pretty sure i've posted more pictures of myself in this one post than i have in the past year. it feels a bit awkward, but i guess since i wasn't with my girls for most of the weekend because of the wedding, all i have is pics of me! sorry y'all! i'll be back with cute pics of the girlies soon-
happy wednesday :) 

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