Thursday, November 13, 2014


i can't believe it's already thursday and i really can't believe it's already the middle of november - where has the time gone?! i saw someone post on IG the other day there are only 6 more fridays until christmas…. and that makes me both excited and incredibly anxious. ha!

we've had a busy week so far, but nothing out of the ordinary.

for some reason i thought it would be a good idea to schedule my yearly physical when i had to take the two little girls with me. so that was fun. it's always nice to have someone offer to "hold the cup" for you when you're leaving a sample (i declined that offer) and it's especially encouraging to have so much praise after you're done. but all in all, liza and laney were perfect little angels and sat quietly through most of the appointment (thanks to, peppa pig).

after my physical i had decided that it was high time to start taking better care of myself; and an easy place to start would be getting more sleep. i'm a bit of a night owl and since my girls are early risers, it doesn't leave much time for sleep. i had made up my mind to make sure i was in bed by 10 so that i could get a full eight hours of rest before the natives began stirring around 6:30am. but it seems as though kids always know when you're planning on sleeping, because that's exactly when they plan to stay awake. ha! at least that's how mine operate. laney was awake from around 2am - 5am. part of the time she was awake and whining because i wouldn't let her watch tv, part of the time she was complaining of being hungry (after i went downstairs and fixed her a snack she decided that she actually wasn't very hungry), and then the remainder of the time she was fitfully "sleeping" and having nightmares of spiders in the bed.

tuesday was a long day for all of us, but we survived. ;)
buddy came over to play with the girls while i ran out for a bit. and they were highly disappointed that i returned. it's always nice to feel loved ;)

wednesday libbi and laney both had school and i worked on some christmas cards, thanksgiving placemats, and other projects while liza napped. i took the girls to get flu shots after school. this is apparently the year that we go on a flu shot tour. between me and the three girls, we've had four flu shots at three different offices. ha! liza had hers a few weeks ago at her well check. i got mine at my physical the other day, and libbi and laney got theirs at the health clinic on wedensday. because i can't make things easy and get them all at once. :)
when libbi and laney got their flu shots i was reminded of how very different their personalities are. libbi sat still as a statue. y'all she didn't even flinch. not one tear was shed. and laney….. well, let's just say she was the exact opposite. a statue she was not. (and i have to admit, she gets that from her momma!) :))

thursday was another school day for the big girls and i caught up on some more orders while liza napped. i also watched the sermon from sunday since we were called out of church and had to miss it. (liza wasn't feeling well, but i think she was just missing her momma). i think we're FINALLY packing away our short sleeves as the 70º days might officially be behind us. hello, polar vortex.

libbi brought home one of my favorite pieces of "Artwork" to date. and Lord knows, i'm not a dog lover, but i sure do love this little dog.

we're all happy jeffrey will be back from NYC tonight! it's been a long, busy week. here's to making it over the hump and being almost to friday!

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