Wednesday, December 24, 2014

'tis the season….

'tis the season for being so busy that i've barely had time to think, let alone blog. one of these days i WILL get back to regular blogging. mostly because it is such a great way to keep up with our day to day life but also because it's a nice little pastime for me. so, i'm thinking 2015 resolution? ha! but for now, i'll just do a quick (but lengthy) recap of our past month….

we went to stone mountain with my mom and dad and my brother/SIL and nieces the night before thanksgiving. the girls had a fun time playing and seeing the christmas parade. we rode the train to see all of the lights (laney was not thrilled and made sure to tell us she would "never ride a train again in her  whole life" right before she passed out and slept the rest of the ride- ha!) 

we spent thanksgiving at mawmaw's and attempted a group shot of all 12 GREAT grandchildren. obviously it was a success. ;-)

the next week was filled with sickness for us…boo. libbi had the nasty respiratory virus first, then liza ended up in urgent care with bronchitis a few days later. not long after that, jeffrey stayed home from work with the same virus, and soon after laney was running a fever, too. we were a pitiful bunch.  

jeffrey travelled a good bit the beginning of december, so i was honestly just trying to keep my head above water. between the girls being sick, activities at school, and solo parenting - it was a whirlwind of activity. although if you ask the girls, they'll tell you we had "girl parties" every night. which basically means they came into my room in the middle of the night and we all slept together - well, they slept and i tried my best to find a comfortable spot in my own bed. ;-)

we continued our annual tradition of visiting and santa and riding the pink pig. it's safe to say that the magic of christmas was tangible for liza this year. haha! bless her heart. 

and this? this is the face of a girl that was so excited to ride all by herself on the pink pig. she thought she was big stuff. to be honest, she didn't even want to sit in the same section as us, but we didn't give her a choice. if given the chance, i'm almost positive she would have acted like she was there on her own. being five is practically grown in her eyes. NOT mine. 

a few days later i celebrated with laney at her class christmas party. liza photobomed every picture and snuck as much candy as she could. if it wasn't moving, she tried to eat it. i'm not sure how she even managed to nap that day, because she ate her weight in sugar at laney's party. i'm really not sure who enjoyed the party more: laney or liza. 

the whole family went back to laney's school that same evening to watch her christmas program. she did such a wonderful job! we were all bursting with pride. she sang her little heart out. and bless her, it was way past her bedtime, so we saw more than a few yawns escape. she made sure to let us know that they would not be performing "let it go" and we assured her that we'd still attend despite the song list. :)
it was a highlight of the christmas season watching our sweet laylay sing and praise the Lord. 

(proud big sister taking pics of laylay)

we've had three christmas celebrations so far, and still have two more to go. i'm *hoping* to post before christmas about our celebrations, but i'm not making any promises. we still have shopping, baking, playing, and christmas memory making to do! only one more sleep until christmas! 
thanks for hanging in with me throughout my sporadic posts and lengthy recaps. :)

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