Sunday, February 1, 2015

memories of firsts...

where did the month of january go?! february is upon us and i'm hopeful that things can only get better from here… which brings me to my "memories of firsts on the first" post:

today, we have our FIRST stomach bug of the year and my sweet FIRST born is the (un)lucky recipient. bless her heart, she also had to experience sickness of that kind for the FIRST time at church today. and of course, it just so happens that i was taking all three girls to church by myself this morning. isn't that the way it always happens? we walked into the front doors of the building and walked right back out about five minutes later. i'm sure the FIRST time visitors and members alike really appreciated what they saw FIRST thing upon entering the church. thankfully, they're a forgiving bunch ;) 

i'm praying that poor libbi is not just the FIRST to have the bug, but the LAST! 
here's to a happy, HEALTHY, love filled month…. happy february FIRST friends!

UPDATE: laney is now the FIRST one to follow in libbi's footsteps. Victim #2....

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