Friday, July 24, 2015


liza june, somehow i blinked and you turned two! i look back on this past year and i'm in awe of how much you've grown. from the little curls on your head to your expanding vocabulary this past year has been full of changes for you. when i wrote your "one year old" post last year for your first birthday, there were so many things about you that i still didn't know. you were my precious baby and i loved every bit of you, and yet at the same time, you were still a bit of a mystery. 

that first year, i would watch you literally growing and changing every single day right in front of my eyes. while it was amazing to witness all the new milestones, it made it difficult to pin down your little personality because you were constantly changing. after all, you were only 12 months old. how could i know all of your likes and dislikes when you weren't even sure of them yourself. i mean, you weren't even eating a full diet of "solid" foods at the time. how could i expect you (or me!) to know what your favorite food was?!  it's crazy for me to think that just five short months ago, i was still nursing you. although at the time, it seemed like there was no end in sight, now…. i'd give anything for just one more midnight feeding where it's just me and you. 

this year, on your second birthday, i still feel like there is still more to learn - because isn't there always? - but i also feel confident in the fact that i know much more about who you are. little nuances of your personality, likes, dislikes, fears, favorites - all things that i feel like i've learned about you this past year.   i know there are so many more to come (and i'm sure many of these will change, because….you're a girl and that's what we do.) ;-) but for now, i wanted to document the things that i know and love about you, my two year old liza girl. 

i know that you wake up with completely crazy hair every single morning. and for that matter, nap time hair doesn't disappoint either.  the cowlicks of your baby days are still going strong and paired with your new curls - your hair is a force to be reckoned with. and we love it. your sisters think it's hilarious and i have to admit that i do too. 

i know that you love to eat. and you pretty much eat anything we give you. there are very few foods that i've found you don't like. if libbi and laney ate like you, suppertime would be so much easier. so - do your best to tell your sisters what they're missing out on. ;)

i know that this next trait i'm hesitant to even say out loud, because we all know that once it's spoken aloud (or typed), it can have the reverse effect. but for posterity's sake, i'll take the chance…
 i know that you are an excellent sleeper. you love your sleep...and i love that you love your sleep. :) you go to bed every night right around 7:30 and will sleep until 8:15 or so the next morning. again, if you could pass on to your sisters how amazing it is to sleep through the night and actually stay in bed past dawn…. that would be awesome. 

i know that you have two sisters who adore you. uh-dore you! they love to make you laugh. they cheer you on when you accomplish new skills. they teach you various words (some i appreciate, some i do not….). they laugh hysterically when you do something funny. and they still fight over who can go in to "talk to liza first" every.single.morning. it's been more than two full years since you've joined our family, and libbi and laney STILL fight over who can talk to you first in the morning. craziness! i would have thought the novelty might have worn off a bit by now. 

i know that you love peppa pig. i'm pretty sure you wish she was your third sister. or maybe you even think she is. ha! every night after bath, you'll get one of the chairs from the playroom and drag it into the living room. you then find the remote and yell, "PEPPA!" with a few snorts thrown in. you definitely love your downtime of watching peppa. 

i know that you've got some moves. you are a dancing queen! we have many a dance party at the tippins casa and you are always right in the middle breaking it down. you love music and signing. anything from the itsy bitsy spider to taylor swift's bad blood. you have a very broad repertoire of songs. 

i know that you have the sweetest heart. i can already tell that you're a bit of a people pleaser, but i pray that you'll be able to stand up for yourself when it's needed…much like you scream bloody murder at your sisters if they get near your stuff. 

i know that you have a little sense of humor. you love to make us laugh! your current favorite game is for us to ask you, "what's your name?" and you'll answer, "buddy" and laugh. we say, "you're not buddy! what's your name?" and you'll answer "mimzy." again we say, "you're not mimzy! what is your name?" and the game goes on and on with you calling yourself every name except your own. finally, you throw your arms in the air and say, "I'M LIZA!" 

i know that you are not a fan of clothing. or diapers. but i have to draw the line somewhere. you scream if you have to get dressed and more often than not, as soon as we come back home you're pulling at your clothes and trying to take them off. 

i know that you love to be held. you would let me hold you all day and rock you all night. and truthfully, i don't mind it one bit. 

i know that i am thankful each and every day that The Lord saw fit to make me your momma. 

i know that because of you, God's grace is more evident to me than it's ever been. 

i know that every smile, every kiss, every breath is a gift. 

i know that you are, without a doubt, one of my greatest blessings. 

i know that year two is going to be a big year for you my sweet liza girl. i can't wait to see what's in store!

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