Friday, August 21, 2015

five on friday...

my girls have a new obsession: the chipmunks…and the chipettes. there's a new alvin and the chipmunk show on tv, but we had to quit watching it. it was just a little too much sassiness and attitude and it was starting to rub off on the bigger girls. (like when i told libbi to go to her room after she was being disrespectful and she shot back "you haven't seen the last of me!" which precious little chipmunk alvin had said not 30 minutes earlier on the episode they watched) so before i started yelling,"liiiiibbbbiiiiiii!!!!!" we decided to limit the viewing of the chipmunks tv show. ;-) BUT - they have been watching the movie, "the chipmunk adventure" and they LOVE it!! i used to watch it growing up and it was one of my favorites. it's much more tame and and family friendly in my opinion than the modern day chipmunks. my girls want to watch it all the time and they sing the songs constantly. they may be a tad bit obsessed…. seeing as libbi wrote all about the chipmunks and chipettes in her journal at school. i had to laugh when i read her entry at curriculum night this week. she also told me that she wants to change her name to "britney" when she grows up (as in the chippette, not spears). and poor laney was so distraught because libbi had convinced her that her new preschool teacher is "miss miller" and we all know miss miller is not the sharpest tool in the shed. 

we've officially made it through the first two weeks of first grade. which is a record for libbi. last year she only made it through the first two DAYS of kindergarten before coming down with the plague. so we're already off to a better start! :-) now let's just pray she keeps it up. i said something the other day about "perfect attendance" and she said "what's perfect attendance?!" and i just had to laugh because i wanted to say, "my thoughts exactly." ha!

liza is talking up a storm these days. she's hit that window of "language explosion" and it's so evident. i love hearing her talk. some of our favorite things she says are "one more" "bibbi" "naney" and "i love you" but if you ask libbi and/or laney they would tell you differently. pretty sure "poopoo" and "poopoo balls" (yes, poopoo balls…don't ask) are what make them laugh hysterically. and in turn makes liza want to repeat these words over and over. it's hard raising little ladies, y'all. ;-)

this is a small confession on my part. 
my name is amy and i love internet memes. like really love them. they make me laugh more than anything. i'm embarrassed at the amount of them i have saved in my phone. there is always a perfect meme for a text message conversation (am i right or am i right, group text friends?!) ;) 
jeffrey loves when i send them to him during the day. except not. but what can i say? they sometimes mimic my life so closely that they just make me bust out laughing. 
and the very best ones in my opinion are the nene memes. they are always appropriate. 
like when jeffrey texts me and asks, "what's for supper tonight?" i can respond with
or if it's been a day and he texts and says he's stuck in traffic and will be late. i can send back
and this is pretty much the imaginary text i send laney every time she asks for a snack because she's "starving for her whole life"

i posted the other day about these DARLING custom cookie cutters that i included in our "back to school basket" for teachers. i'll be blogging about the gift baskets next week (fun stuff!) but in the meantime, check out sweet cookie cutters on instagram or check out their etsy shop Sweet Cookie Cutters they are so cute! 

happy weekend, friends! :) 

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