Tuesday, April 12, 2016

laney the artist...

laney has her own unique sense of style and her creativity has no bounds. i'm seriously amazed at the things she comes up with. one of her favorite lines is, "that's okay. i'll just make it myself." and she will. 

99% of the time you can find her in the playroom snipping away at papers and gluing and taping.  she's like a little mini edward scissor hands. give her some paper and scissors and she'll create a masterpiece. she likes to say she's "crafting" and calls her box of materials her "craft box." 
{one small confession: if you replace the word "craft" with "crap" a four year can't really tell the difference. so i say at least ten times a day "put that in your box of crap" or "does this belong in your crap box?" even "is this one of your craps?" and she is none the wiser.} 
mature? no. entertaining? yes. ;-) 

so for memory's sake and your viewing enjoyment - a collection of laney's artwork. a virtual portfolio if you will....

look out, shopkins. we're coming for you. thanks to laney you can have a shopkins seesaw or spaceship. take your pick and we'll sit back and wait for the millions to roll in ;)
*shopkins not inlcuded

the microphone stand liza was gifted for christmas becomes laney's music podium (much to liza's dismay)

libbi has a "BFF" necklace that she shares with one of her little school friends. laney asked to see it and of course, as sisters do, libbi replied with a kind "NEVER!" 
so laney responds with her usual "fine. i'll just make my own." problem solved :) 
and she'll even one up her sister and make not one, but TWO necklaces. take that, libbi. 

laney doesn't only craft for her own benefit. people, animals, and toys alike are able to enjoy her creations. she used her magnatiles to set up the "twins" with their own chairs, cup (bottle) holders, and a flat screen TV.
complete with their own hand draw "baby TV show"

an old wipes box becomes a "puppy house" for her newest little puppy

liza enjoys her very own "peppa pig" stage courtesy of laney's designs.
for some odd reason, liza didn't enjoy the "minnie rocket" as much.  

laney also uses her crafting for good. and by that i mean she entertains liza with her finger puppet shows while i cook supper.
no stone left unturned. she has props, finger puppets, and scenery

but sometimes, there are dangers with crafting. 
watch out for the "X"
if you accidentally step on it, these monsters jump out and chase you. 
but never fear, there is a caped crusader to rescue you. 
and her trusty caped kitty surprise side kick. 

in the mood for some lemonade or a snack? 
laney's "shop" has it all. 

need ideas for a baby gift? laney can create replicas of the mickey mouse clubhouse that double as crib decorations. 

who needs store bought costumes when you can make your own?
fairy wings
cat ears
baby doll cat costume

bunny mask (perfect for all easter celebrations....except those with easily scared children) ;-)

a few weeks ago laney had her gymnastics ribbon ceremony. 
soon after.... we were all the proud recipients of our own ribbons. 

it's never a dull moment at the tippins house. there's always a party of some kind happening. and what party is complete without a rousing game of "pin the tail on the donkey?" 
happy birthday, babies! :) 

even ziplock bags are not safe. they can be crafted into many different uses...
bubble bee traps
robot cat holders
even a behavior chart for her teachers to use if they'd like. 

and no project would be complete without laney's "special touch".... here is a floor plan of our house (according to laney). and of course, she's the one on the top left...
on the potty. 
like i said - she adds her own special touch. ;-)
oh how we love the creative mind of our laney... 
may you never stop crafting. 

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