Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An oldie, but a goodie....?

Most of my "followers" (aka my family) know that I have a "few" fears in life. I won't make a list now, because it would just take too long....and possibly raise my blood pressure! =)
Anyway, I found these pictures on Dad's camera (that I did NOT know were being taken) and thought I would share them. At the time, I was pretty embarrassed to have such "unflattering" shots of me taken, but sadly, now that I have gained an entire Olsen Twin I don't look down on these pictures too much anymore.
I know they have nothing to do with today, Libbi, the pregnancy or anything else that anyone might be remotely interested in, but hey, I'm enormous, bored, home alone, miserable, and they made me laugh so what other reason do I need for posting them?!?! This is also proof as to why we will NEVER and I mean NEVER have a dog (plus, I'll just always tell Libbi that daddy is allergic!) Such a good mom already....!
Maybe you will get a laugh out of them like I did! Enjoy!
Oh yeah....Justin and Mandie - I love you....just not your dog! ;)

Where's that dog at?

I don't want him near me....


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