Thursday, June 4, 2009

The "Weight"ing Game

Still waiting on precious Libbi to make her grand entrance...we are getting a little antsy, but know that she will arrive when the time is right...hopefully sooner rather than later...
In the meantime here are a few of Libbi's current favorites:
*Mommy's right side (where she CONSTANTLY stays)
*Kicking me in the ribs - such a fun "game" for her!
*Apparently she likes to eat and gain lots of weight (unlike her mommy!)
*Listening to daddy talk and sing (well....we think....she either really likes it and is dancing around OR she is trying to move away from the sound and cover her ears - ha ha ha!)
Hopefully our next update will be of Libbi's favorite things in her "new" world...the countdown is on!
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