Wednesday, July 29, 2009

5 Weeks and Counting...

Libbi celebrated five weeks on Monday...she is such a big girl! We have noticed a few new things as she is getting older. She is starting to make some new "baby" noises - cute little coos and a few not so cute screeches....

She LOVES to be on her tummy and will work soooo hard to push herself up - grunting and panting the whole time! I must say, she is one of the loudest babies I have ever heard....she rarely sits/lays quietly. She even grunts in her sleep (and snores at times, too...she must get that from her daddy - surely not from me!)

Her latest "trick" is to "tee-tee" as soon as her diaper comes off...EVERY time! We try to "catch" it before it's too late, but are rarely successful as she seems to have some sort of radar for the minute, no the second, she is without "cover". Personally, I think she must be the smartest baby (and I'm not the least bit biased), not only because she is keenly aware of when she is diaper-less, but also because she instinctively knows every time, and I mean EVERY TIME we are going to sit down to eat a's like she can smell the food and wants a taste! No matter what she will wake up/stir/cry/fuss, etc until we pick her up! Jeffrey and I have both become very skilled at eating with a baby in our lap....guess we better get used to it!

On her five week birthday, she pretty much took it easy. We had a very laid back day with lots of naps, so momma did not get her usual amount of pictures in. (And for those of you that were worried, we now have a new lens for our camera so I can once again stalk my baby like the paparazzi).

All was quiet in the Tippins household on Monday, until around 5:00. Libbi made some of her usual noises (since she's a lady, I won't share the specifics) and I was just about to put her down to change her diaper, when I noticed something on the FRONT of her onesie. Upon further investigation I saw (and smelt) that she had basically exploded and the "debris" was not only up her back, but up to her chest as well! So needless to say, she was quickly stripped, that outfit was burned (just kidding) and she was promptly placed in the bath.

The pics from her 5 week birthday are after her full body cleansing (hence the slick hair/bald look in the pics). Thankfully, another of her newly found skills is sitting through a bath without screaming (but usually leaving some "floaters" in the tub and then trying to drink the water...but that's a whole 'nother story!)

Here are a few pics of our so fresh and so clean 5 week old Libbi on Monday (7/27)....

Totally relaxed and ready for bed!

Not too happy with me for sharing the embarrassing incident that led up to this bath...

Never fear! I still made a sign (unfortunately my handwriting is better than my picture taking skills...I was too focused on Libbi and cut off part of the "5." oh well....better than cutting off part of her, right?!)

Happy Five Weeks, you little stinker!
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