Friday, July 3, 2009

Libbi's check-up and newborn pics...

Libbi Jane had her first check-up and it was a success! When we went to the doctor on Friday, June 26th Libbi had lost a little bit of her birth weight (down from 8.4 to 7.12) which is totally normal. The doctor asked that we come back in the following Monday just for a weight check to make sure she was beginning to gain some weight back. Since I am exclusively breast feeding (sorry if that is too much info) our doctor did not want to take the chance that she wasn't getting what she needed. She told us that Libbi should gain about an ounce a day. I was a little nervous, because I did not want to have to supplement with formula if she was not gaining weight...but come Monday, I found out I had no reason to worry at all! Libbi weighed in at 8.10 - she gained almost a whole pound in three days!!!! Everyone was shocked - this girl's got an appetite! She is now full of lovely rolls and oh so squishy and cuddly!

Libbi also had her newborn pictures taken on Thursday, July 2 by a wonderful photographer - Jennie Helmuth (check out her website at Jennie was awesome and really made us feel comfortable....especially Libbi who had NO PROBLEM marking her territory all over Jennie, Jennie's floor, the blankets, the beanbags, the props, Momma, Daddy, and just about everything else she came in contact with! Did I mention she was asleep for ALL of this?! What a funny baby!!
Check out a little bit of her pictures at (she's listed as BABY I on July 2nd) ENJOY!!
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