Friday, July 3, 2009

Little Miss Libbi

Libbi is now 11 DAYS OLD! When I put it that way it does not seem like long at all, but it feels like she has been with us is hard to remember what life was like before she was born! ;-)
Libbi LOVES to be held and to snuggle...she is a cuddly little thing - and all her rolls just make it easier to love on her! Right now she is still pretty sleepy. We are working on "awake time" but she hasn't quite caught on just yet.... Our biggest struggle at this point is staying awake through a full feeding. She is a little piglet, but will PASS OUT in no time flat. We then have to strip her down, put a cold cloth on her, etc, etc, to try and (make her mad) wake her up....but sometimes we are not too successful. BUT, if that is our worst problem then I think we are doing okay. She is a good sleeper and a generally easy going baby. She usually only cries when she is hungry or has a dirty diaper - other than that, she is sleeping.

It is funny to see her little personality coming out already. She is definitely strong-willed. She LOVES to cover her face with her hands (hence all the pictures with mittens on her...she will scratch up her face in no time flat). It is funny, because she was the exact same way when I was pregnant. We always had a difficult time getting an ultrasound picture of her face because her hands were constantly covering it. She also had hiccups 3-4 times a day while I was pregnant and still does now...which does not make her happy! Pretty much everyone that has come in contact with her had commented on what a "fighter" she is (which I am not sure if that is a good or a bad thing). She definitely has a mind of her own. She will not budge if she does not want to....she will lock her arms and legs and make it entirely too difficult to get her dressed. She will bat your hand away if she does not like what you are putting in her face, whether it be her pacifier, a stethoscope, or a any other medical instrument.

On a side note...I am attaching more pics, but not as many as I would like(we've only taken a few thousand!) I am still trying to figure out how to download them from my new camera and haven't had a lot of time to devote to it...eventually I will and it will be Libbi overload! ;0)

Hanging out with Buddy!

Sitting in her bouncy seat, but trying to "watch" TV...

When we see this face we know there is a diaper change in the VERY near future!

After her first bath....still feeling a little traumatized!

Libbi's one week birthday...can't you tell she was really excited for this milestone?!

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