Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I wish you could eat ice cream....

I wish my precious girl could eat ice cream, because she definitely deserves a treat! We went for her two month check-up and shots yesterday and she did AWESOME!
I, on the other hand, didn't do quite as well. I needed an ice cream, too....just to relieve my stress! ha!! This is what she looked like when we left the house....she starts to get sleepy as soon as I put her in the carseat. It takes about .2 seconds for her to pass out!

On the way to the doctor we just prayed that the Lord would watch over her and help her to take the shots well and to not have any adverse reactions. We (I) also prayed for peace and the reminder that HE is the Ultimate Physician and HE will watch over my baby.

When we got to the doctor, Libbi started to wake up just in time to see how much she weighs! I took her picture on the scale, because we ladies know that this is probably the only time in her life that her weight gain will be a great accomplishment!
She weighed in at 13.1 pounds! We are so proud of our little roly poly =)

Next, she had to be measured to see how long she is and we found out that we have a TALL girl on our hands! Libbi measured 23 1/4 inches! She has grown over 4 inches since she was born! WOW! Here is a picture of her showing off how "tall" she is (the nurse is desperately trying to get her to stretch out while I am being no help at all and just snapping pictures - ha ha!)

After she got all of her measurements, Dr. Bramwell - our favorite pediatrician - came in and did Libbi's "well-baby" check-up. Libbi decided to show Dr. Bramwell how stubborn she can be. She refused to turn her head or relax her legs for Dr. Bramwell to check her neck and hips - ha ha! I must say, I think she gets this from me...I have vague memories of being restrained on the dr's table while they were trying to "swab" my throat for the strep test....(I won - they never got that "swab" and I got two candy bars from a guilt-ridden doctor!) Anyway, Dr. Bramwell said that Libbi looked "absolutely perfect!" Of course, we already knew this, but it's nice to know that others think so, too!

After her visit with Dr. Bramwell, we had to wait for the "shot ladies." Libbi pumped herself up for those shots by squirming around on the table, kicking her legs, and making lots of unbelievably cute baby noises. Lo and behold, she just plum wore herself out.

Now, you can imagine how awful I feel at this point. My sweet baby is blissfully sleeping and I know that she is about to have a rude awakening! Break. My. Heart!!

Bless Her!

The shot ladies finally came in and woke Libbi up before administering those awful shots. I was already crying at this point - I can't help it - I'm a wimp. The nurses ever so kindly offered to let me wait outside the room, but I politely declined. I couldn't let these strangers torture my baby while I was outside the room!!

First, they gave her some cherry flavored tylenol, which she gladly accepted. Then came the oral vaccine (which was also cherry flavored). At this point my sweet little baby is happy as a lark, because she is getting all these delicious snacks! She is looking around wanting more, when all of a sudden she gets jabbed in the thighs. She paused for a moment, then really let loose! Believe me, there are NO pictures of that face!

After the shot ladies gave her back to me, she quickly calmed down (that's my brave girl) and was happy before we could even get her clothes back on. Of course she found those hands and all was right in her world again. Who needs a pacifier when you have five little fingers on your tiny little hands?

After profusely apologizing over and over and over while I re-dressed her, Libbi was loaded up in her carseat and ready to go back home. She looked a little sleepy and worn out from all that crying (screaming) but she fought hard to stay awake the whole way home!
I think she was worried she would miss out on her ice cream treat if she fell asleep....sorry to disappoint you sweet girl! =)

(NO...I am NOT taking this picture while driving...we're in the parking lot...in PARK!)

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