Friday, August 14, 2009

Trick or Treat....

Yes...I am already thinking about Halloween....but I have to act quickly if I want to get one of these precious little costumes! I just can't decide between these two priceless, must-have, can't live without, adorable costumes.

What do you think....

A little personalized pumpkin (you know how I love monograms!!)?????

or a cute little "boo tu-tu" set????

So hard to decide!!! And if you were wondering...we would forgo the hats and of course wear a cute Halloween bow instead! =)

By the way, Jeffrey thinks she should dress up as "a baby." Can you believe that? Where is his Halloween spirit??? He doesn't think about how unbelievably stinkin' cute our little Libbi will look in one of these costumes...he just thinks about how much it will cost to outfit her in it. Oh well....maybe they'll go on sale..... =)
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