Saturday, August 22, 2009

Two Months!!

Sweet Libbi, you are 2 months old today !
August 22, 2009.

Here is a little bit about you on your second month of life....

* You weigh a little over 13 pounds (in case you are wondering that is almost 6 more pounds than you weighed when we brought you home). You are 23 1/4 inches long - you have grown more than 4 INCHES since you were born!!

* You are wearing mostly size 3 month clothes, but you can fit into a few of your 6 month onesies. You are so long that some of your 3 month outfits won't snap! You also have big feet (hopefully your body will catch up to them...) and we have had to buy you some new socks, because your tiny "baby" socks are too small!

* You have started sleeping through the night THIS WEEK!! (Let's hope you keep this up)

* You have LOTS of gas...all the time (I wouldn't mind so much if you didn't keep this up...)

* You have started to "fake cry" because you know it gets you attention

* You love to "eat" your hands and try hard to suck your won't be too much longer before you figure this out. You also put your fingers in your mouth all the time, but often forget to curl them up so you gag yourself quite a bit! ;)

* You have started to hold you head up on your own.

* You LOVE ceiling fans....even when they're not moving! I lay you on our bed every morning while I shower (okay, fine...I admit it...I don't shower every morning...) and you just watch the fan and smile.

* You have started to coo and make little baby squeals...sometimes you scare yourself when you do this.

* You went to church for the first time last Sunday and really enjoyed it! You have also been to Chili's, Longhorn's, Wal-mart, Target, Babies R' Us, my school, Buddy and Mimzy's House, The Farmer's Market, The Bank, Kroger, to see Grandad at Azalea Gardens Nursing Home, and of course, THE MALL! =)

* You got your first pair of sunglasses and you like to wear them when we go outside so you can keep your eyes open.

* You do not like to lay down. You like to sit up, because you think you are grown and you like to look around at everything!

* You still make more noises than I ever thought possible. I definitely think you are going to be a "talker." Once you learn out! I don't think you will ever stop. You are constantly making noises and trying so hard to "talk" to us! =)

* You like to lay on your "Boppy" playmat and play with the butterfly that lights up.

* You are probably one of the only babies that I know that HATES to be swaddled. You can't stand to have your arms "trapped" or your feet covered. If we try to swaddle you, you will wiggle and squirm until you free your arms and then you work and work until you have kicked off the blanket completely. We usually have to wait until you are fast asleep before we can cover you up....that is the only way you will stay covered!

* And my personal favorite thing that you do in your second month of life.....

You smile.

At Me.

On purpose. =))))

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