Monday, August 24, 2009

Farmer's Market

On Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market at the Suwanee Town Center. We have been saying EVERY Saturday since May that we were going to go and we FINALLY did it! It only took us three months...(and sadly enough it is WALKING DISTANCE from our house!) I don't know why we waited so long - it was great! We are definitely going to go back. They had all kinds of fun things....fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, homemade bread, cookies, bbq sauce, and much, much more! (Did I mention that we FORGOT to bring ANY MONEY so we couldn't even BUY anything - ha! One step at a time, I guess....)!!

Even though the Farmer's Market is so close to our house, we decided not to walk because a) let's face it, it's easier to "book it" home with a cranky baby in the car than on foot, b) it was hot and humid, and c) we're just lazy like that! =)))

Of course Libbi fell asleep in the 2 minute drive, but I think she still enjoyed it!

First, we had to make a quick run into the bank (yes, we were in the bank and STILL forgot to get any cash...).

Libbi was such a good girl that we thought she deserved a "treat" from the bank.

Next, there was a precious little shop on the square that is going out of business =( so we went in to take a look at all the sales.

Libbi debated over a few of the purses, but decided that she didn't need a bag that was bigger than her whole body....even if it was 75% off....

Finally we made it over to the tents with all of the homegrown goodies. It seemed like every tent we passed had people trying to get us to sample some of their goodies (even cups of bbq 9:30am!!) Personally, I am not a fan of "samples" especially when they are sitting out in the open with flies looming, dogs roaming, and lots of unknown hands all over them. Jeffrey, on the other hand...not so much.

After browsing through all of the tents, WISHING that I had some money, and describing to Jeffrey all of the delicious homemade concoctions that I COULD HAVE made if only I were able to buy some of these ingredients (including, but not limited to mint tea and fresh flower arrangements - ha!) we decided to head back home...or back to the car, rather.
We had to take a slight detour, because I wanted to get Libbi's picture in front of the new City Hall building...our detour had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS:

We changed our path ONLY because I JUST HAD to take Libbi's picture in front of the new City Hall building, because...well..... just because I like to take her picture, that's why!

When we got home, Libbi was soooo tired from her exciting morning (even though she slept the WHOLE time) that she had to take another nap. She loves napping on's like a soft, bear-skin rug - ha!

All in all we had an AWESOME Saturday at the Farmer's Market and will DEFINITELY be going back...although we might have to wait until next year, because I think it only runs through Labor Day....

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