Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Game of Cat & pictures's a Tuesday morning and Libbi is totally bored. I load both of us up in the car to drive around and check the mail, because that stupid cat with the weird eyes is still hanging around on our front porch.

While we are driving to get the mail, to my horror, I see something scurry across the road into the bushes and the cat immediately follows. I slow down the car and just watch. (yes, our lives are really that exciting). He starts snooping around the bushes. NO....he's not looking to leave a "present" (although that is not unheard of). He's found something. It's a!!! (gasp!)

Being the creeper that I am, I rush us back into the house to retrieve my camera. Amidst many screams and squeals (from me, not Libbi) I tried to capture the chase on camera. The following pictures were all taken through the window of my house while peeking through the blinds (I didn't want the neighbors to think I was a TOTAL nutjob) hence the blurry lines at the top and bottom of each picture....(just click on the pics if you want to make them larger).

The Cat is just lurking around the bushes, trying to find the little rodent. Every time he moves, I scream. I can't help just gives me the willies.

Every time I scream, Libbi's safe to say her boredom is now gone.

The beast is lurking, I'm screaming, and Libbi is laughing.

Libbi is cracking up....she's beside herself with laughter (I'm glad someone is enjoying this "show").

The savage creature goes in for the kill and I am now deep in the throes of a full on anxiety attack as I can almost feel that pesky rodent run across my feet...

Meanwhile, Libbi is pretty much hysterical at this point....I think she may need a new diaper.

He finally captures his intended target and settles down to enjoy. It's like a car accident...I can't stand to watch, but I can't seem to pull my eyes away...even though I am throwing up a little bit in my mouth. I hate that cat. And that mouse. ugh.

We ended our day by sending daddy this picture.

And yes, we are staying inside for the remainder of the day. My feet will be propped up, my eyes will be on the door, and my camera will be ready (just in case).
It's safe to say that if Libbi gets "a kick" out of my anxiety, then her little life will be FULL of entertainment!

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